September 15, 2017


Want to know what people are saying? We don't like to boast so would rather you hear it from the mouths of those who matter most ...

Janet, you are a rock star! I so appreciate you! I am blessed to have you and your sincerity with my students. They are lucky you are enrolling with them!
Go to Alex M. Alex M.
CEO, Marketing Online
Yay, you are the best! Thank you Janet! You are a delight to work with! You are awesome! Janet loves selling and she is great at closing them.
Janet is a master at sales conversion and our team’s top producer. She is truly great at building trust and instilling confidence in her prospects. Janet is a sales leader and an asset to the team.
Go to Doug B. Doug B.
CEO, Conversion Secrets
I want to take a moment to thank you for producing such an excellent series on developing your personal business objectives and experiencing The Freedom Shift!
Janet, I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You So Much” for all of your hard work on the coaching and certification campaigns. And to let you know how much I appreciate you!
Go to Ryan L. Ryan L.
CEO, The ASK Method Company
You are making a huge difference in the world. You have done a great job of creating a lifestyle of freedom and helping our clients do the very same.
Go to Bill B. Bill B.
CEO, Bill Baren
It is very generous of you to offer your time to these mastermind groups. That is a big commitment of your valuable time, not to mention the value of your expertise.
Janet, you have such an inspirational energy! I am sure it is going to be a great experience.
Janet, I believe in you! Any start-up with you on their side WILL succeed!
You are a blessing in my life Janet! Thank you for your genuine caring, it has touched me so deeply.
Janet, I am looking for a creative and high end coach or consultant who knows how to get things done. You clearly do!
Dear Janet, I feel really great to be inside this extraordinary community and I feel at HOME!
I did the best presentations I have done in years. Makes a difference when you are working with positive vibes. Keep sending the light!
I loved your video. It really helped calm me and listen to my heart.
You really inspire me and I am really glad to have met you. Somehow it gives me a feeling of security to know you, I don’t know why.
You are closing the uncloseable. Lol!