October 18, 2017

High Ticket Sales Alliance

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How can the High Ticket Sales Alliance help you?

Did you know there's a large number of successful coaches and consultants out there struggling to find experienced salespeople
who can sell their high ticket programs?

To meet this pressing need, I have created a “gated” community called the High Ticket Sales Alliance. And, it’s exclusively focused on high ticket sales, and bringing both parties together for mutual benefit.

In addition to providing mentorship and education, the High Ticket Sales Alliance facilitates these introductions to ensure coaches and consultants are matched up with proven top performers.

The High Ticket Sales Alliance is perfect for you if you are a:


  • wants to successfully sell your own high ticket programs
  • already sells your own high ticket programs, but wants to CLOSE MORE SALES


  • wants to learn how to improve your CLOSE RATIO
  • is looking to MEET COACHES and CONSULTANTS looking for experts to sell for them

In fact, ANY business owner interested in learning how to add 5 figures in monthly revenue to their business can benefit from joining the High Ticket Sales Alliance! This private “members only” group is for anyone ready to amplify their high ticket sales!

As a member of this exclusive group, you surround yourself with other top-producing high ticket coaches, consultants, and salespeople who:

  • desire continuous improvement
  • strive to achieve greatness
  • encourage you to think bigger
  • empower you to grow
  • share your vision to make an impact

Are you a successful COACH OR CONSULTANT?

Learn how to …

  • Get matched up with expert high ticket salespeople
  • Increase monthly revenue to 5 figures and more
  • Sell using our HEARTFLOW sales conversation
  • Eliminate objections that derail the sale
  • Dramatically improve your close ratio
  • Connect with an elite community of sales experts
  • Stay motivated and on top of your game
  • Get access to “just in time” sales coaching and mentoring


Discover how you can …

  • Get matched up with coaches and consultants to sell for
  • Increase your monthly commissions to 5 figures and more
  • Sell using our HEARTFLOW sales conversation
  • Eliminate objections that derail the sale
  • Dramatically improve your close ratio
  • Connect with an elite community of sales experts
  • Stay motivated and on top of your game
  • Get access to “just in time” sales coaching and mentoring

“Janet will take you to the next level. She'll pull the best out of you that you don't even know you had and she'll hold you accountable to that
process so that you get results.” - Doug Brown

How do you benefit from joining the High Ticket Sales Alliance?

The primary benefits of membership in the High Ticket Sales Alliance include:


  • You gain recognition and visibility as one of the few "elite" salespeople in the coaching/consulting world.
  • You receive an exclusive listing on The Freedom Shift website for promoting yourself/your business.


  • You are introduced to my network of successful coaches, consultants, and top sales professionals.
  • You are surrounded with and supported by other distinguished sales leaders.
  • You can collaborate with sales experts who are members of the mastermind and use their collective
    brainpower to help you grow your business.


  • You have access to the High Ticket Sales Accelerator training at zero additional cost (this program alone currently sells for $5K).
  • You can attend weekly LIVE group training calls and receive executive summary notes for each call (these calls are also recorded for those who are unable to attend live).
  • You can access to all of our livestream video recordings, PDF documents, and audio files for my ongoing sales and mindset training.
  • You can book private, one-on-one mentoring with me, Janet Clark, for creating customized solutions that suit your current situation.
  • You can learn from the "best of the best" as you improve your skills, enhance your mindset, and expand your professional knowledge.
  • You are first to know the newest Insider tips, tricks and information for advancing your business and sales growth and making more money.

“Janet is really different from other sales coaches. She doesn't just give you a script. She gives you a visual and allows you to use your instinct and your intuition to move through her heart flow process. She's allowing you to register what the client is really saying to you, and then your best response.” - Bofta Yimam

Here's a summary of what you get as a member ...

  • Your exclusive listing on The Freedom Shift website so those with a need can find you.
  • Weekly LIVE member spotlights in our Facebook Group to increase your online visibility.
  • Monthly print publication (coming soon), The Inside Edge, delivered right to your home.
  • Access to the restricted members’ only area and private forum for personal and professional use.


  • Professional mentoring and access to my vast experience in high ticket sales.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A calls with access to me and/or a guest expert.
  • 1:1 coaching with me (Janet Clark) through a private online thread.
  • Training on various aspects of mindset and selling skills using classified materials in the members’ area.

What makes this community different from other membership groups?

Unlike other membership communities, entrance to this exclusive group of high ticket coaches, consultants, and salespeople is by “invitation only”.

This is a community where successful coaches and consultants find the best salespeople and salespeople get matched up with coaches and consultants. This is not a group of “newbies”. Our members are experienced, high-achieving professionals, with proven track records in high ticket sales.

My primary focus is working with this group. As a highly regarded, world renowned connector, I take pride in the relationships I build and in my role as “matchmaker” for high ticket salespeople, coaches and consultants.

I thrive on networking and relationship building. I also invest significantly in high-level masterminds and stay active in within the upper echelons of the coaching and consulting community.

Whether you are a coach or consultant who wants to increase sales and be introduced to expert salespeople, or a high ticket salesperson who wants to sharpen your skills and be introduced to successful coaches and consultants who need your services, joining this community simply makes good business sense.

In fact, it should be a no-brainer!

“She's able to offer a view of the horizon that when she's having enrollment conversations with your clients. She’s able to say, ‘Here's what makes your program unique and here's what makes your program different’ from some of the other alternatives that they might be considering in the market.” - Ryan Levesque


LEARN MORE here ...

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I want to learn from others who are the best in sales and get access
to the exclusive high ticket sales matching community!

It all starts with my webinar.

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"The High Ticket Sales Alliance was created to help resolve a pressing need in the marketplace. My clients and colleagues desperately need qualified salespeople who specialize in selling high ticket offers to them grow and serve more clients. This elite gated group is dedicated to sales excellence - we attract the cream-of-the-crop. Everyone here walks their talk and knows the value of investing in their own personal and business growth."
- Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

I look forward to welcoming you into our exclusive “members only” group, the High Ticket Sales Alliance!

-- Janet Clark