September 15, 2017

High Ticket Sales Accelerator

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How can the High Ticket Sales Accelerator help you?

Did you know you can double and triple your close ratio just by having a certain style of conversation that takes you more naturally from “call to cash?”

That’s what you learn how to do in my 6-week training program called the High Ticket Sales Accelerator. It’s exclusively focused on how to have successful high ticket sales conversations and helps both expert salespeople and entrepreneurs who choose to sell their own high ticket offers do so with ease and grace.

The High Ticket Sales Accelerator is perfect for you if you are a:


  • wants to learn how to successfully sell your own high ticket programs, or
  • already sells your own high ticket programs, but wants to CLOSE MORE SALES


  • sells high ticket offers and wants to learn how to improve your CLOSE RATIO, or
  • is looking to move from a traditional sales career to specializing in high ticket sales

In fact, ANY business owner or sales professional interested in learning how to add 5 figures in monthly revenue to their business can benefit from joining the High Ticket Sales Accelerator! This fast-paced, 6-week program is for anyone ready to amplify their high ticket sales!

In this expert training you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your mindset
  • Increase monthly revenue by 5 figures (or more)
  • Connect at a deep level quickly on strategy and discovery calls
  • Sell using our exclusive HEARTFLOW sales conversation (not a script)
  • Eliminate objections that derail the sale
  • Dramatically improve your close ratio
  • Conquer your own money demons
  • Stay motivated and on top of your game
  • Get access to “just in time” sales coaching and mentoring (if you want more personalized training)
  • Stay involved in our elite group of high ticket sales experts (if you want to maintain a high profile)


How do you benefit from joining the High Ticket Sales Accelerator?

The High Ticket Sales Accelerator training includes:

  • Instant access to 6 training modules (video presentation)
  • Links to all downloadable worksheets and support materials used in the training
  • A weekly Q&A group call with your trainer, high ticket sales expert, Janet Clark
  • An opportunity to fully recoup your investment in the training by applying what you’ve learned to sell high ticket offers immediately after completing the program (optional)
  • An opportunity to become a member of the High Ticket Sales Alliance (if desired)

This training attracts successful coaches, consultants, and top sales professionals dedicated to excelling at selling high ticket offers. You’ll be learning right along with other distinguished entrepreneurs and sales leaders and can benefit from both their expertise and experiences in and outside of the program work.

You’ll learn from the “best of the best” as you improve your skills, enhance your mindset, and expand your professional knowledge in just 6 weeks. At which point, you’ll be fully equipped to double and triple your close ratios for any high ticket offer you choose to sell – whether it be for yourself or for someone else.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This advanced training is not for people who’ve never sold anything ever before. Our students are successful coaches and consultants and experienced, high-achieving sales professionals.



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Demand for expert high ticket sales professionals far exceeds supply. And my commitment is to ensure every person graduating from my High Ticket Sales Accelerator training program is fully equipped to succeed.

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I want to learn from others who are the best in high ticket sales and find out how I, too, can get from “call to cash” with confidence. It all starts with my “Sales Mastery” webinar. If you haven’t seen it yet, register here.