EP 7: Sale-ing Against the Wind

“Just like a sailor doesn’t want to battle against a strong incoming wind, a salesperson should avoid selling to an unqualified prospect.”

(3:04 – 3:37) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Identify and Sell Only to Qualified Prospects

Anyone familiar with sailing a boat understands that if they go up directly against a headwind, they’ll find it difficult to reach their destination. Even if that route covers the shortest distance, the boat will keep getting knocked off course by the wind. In these situations, sailors avoid the direct route and they zig-zag their way to the destination. Just like a sailor tries to avoid battling against the wind, we should do our best to avoid selling to non-qualified prospects.

Many coaches and consultants have developed programs that deliver exceptional results to their clients, but they find it difficult to consistently close sales over the phone regardless of how hard they try. They get frustrated because they work extremely hard, but they’re only able to close the deal on a tiny percentage of their calls. Rejection causes burn-out and saps the energy out of their passion for the business.

“If you have to create the demand while you’re on the sales call, or you have to convince someone that they have an unidentified need, you’re not going to close the sale.”

(11:38 – 11:57) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

As an entrepreneur, the biggest reason you’ll face challenges in conversion is when you’re talking to the wrong person. If you’re regularly spending too much time explaining what you do, and why that might be something your prospect needs, then you’re like the sailor that is going up directly against a strong wind. It’s a losing battle, and you’ll eventually start feeling like you’re not cut out for business or sales.

However, talking to the right prospects may be the simple solution to get the results you want. You’ll need to implement some systems and processes that allow you to identify and connect with the right people, and create a streamlined sales process that will enable you to sell with less stress and get better results.

The Five Fundamentals of a Successful Sales System

Just like an expert sailor understands that they’ll have to prepare and master the fundamentals of sailing, you’ll have to build a solid foundation that allows you to navigate a sales call with ease and get the outcome you want. Here are the five fundamentals of a successful sales system.

Marketing – Identify your target market and create a product or service tailored to their needs. It’s important to have clarity regarding the needs of the ideal audience, and how your offer speaks to those needs.

Messaging – Clearly communicate the immense value of your product. You need to make it clear to your audience how your product will benefit them, in a way they find engaging.

Prospecting – Reach out to your target market. This can be done organically through word-of-mouth, through various social media platforms, or through emails and cold-calling.

Qualifying – Establish that your prospect has the ability, authority, and the desire to purchase your program or service. Qualifying is a crucial part of the process. Skipping this part is one of the biggest reasons why many people face resistance during sales calls.

Selling – Reiterate how your service will solve your prospect’s problem, answer any objections, and close the sale. Selling is the final step of the process. If you’ve addressed the previous steps adequately, in most cases, this step of the call will not be challenging.

The Power of LinkedIn

While there are a plethora of platforms to utilize as an entrepreneur, Linkedin is an ideal way to incorporate most of your sales fundamentals in one place. LinkedIn allows entrepreneurs to combine the marketing, messaging, prospecting, and qualifying aspects of the sales system. Unlike other social media platforms, people universally understand that LinkedIn is for networking and cultivating business connections, which presents an excellent opportunity to intentionally connect with potential prospects.

As in real life, it works best if you spend some time engaging in conversation with your prospects before you sell to them. Share valuable information with your audience with the genuine intention of helping them, without seeking anything in return. Over time, you’ll establish yourself as an industry expert in your niche, and you’ll attract a steady stream of qualified prospects.

“Marketing is a critical aspect in the process of identifying and qualifying prospects before trying to close a sale. Without it, you’ll be “sale-ing” against the wind.”

(12:09 – 12:23) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

The experience of sailing a boat can vary radically depending on whether you are attempting to sail against the wind, or moving with it. Similarly, success in sales will depend significantly on the quality of your prospect. Take some time this week to asses your current sales and marketing processes. If you make the necessary adjustments now, soon you’ll be sale-ing with the wind and getting the results you could only dream of before.

How to Get Involved

If you’re ready to leverage your time and offer huge transformation to your clients while scaling your business in a big way, Janet can help. Janet has an extensive background in sales, has closed millions of dollars in high-ticket programs, and has the expertise needed to move your business forward. Find more about her work with The High Ticket Freedom Shift program on her website.


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