EP 2: 7 Deadly Sins of High Ticket Selling

“When I talk about high ticket, I talk about highly transformational programs that change lives.”

(0:34) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

The best of the best in high ticket sales know that they are selling a transformation, not just a product.

When sales aren’t closing, there’s a reason. An unsatisfactory conversation rate can be so frustrating. Taking a second look at your approach can give insight into what is going awry. It’s possible that you are consistently committing one of the seven sins of high ticket selling.

“You have to be able to get the  conversation to another plane.”

(5:28) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Talking to the wrong prospect. Without a solid lead generation process that ensures your leads are qualified, you are likely to spend a lot of time spinning your wheels on the phone with clients who aren’t ready, aren’t informed, or aren’t committed.

Asking the wrong questions. Two things have to happen for your prospect to invest: they have to be confident in you and your ability to help, and they have to be confident in the fact that your service can help them at all. Meet them where they are and get personal. Talk them through the journey, not the blueprint.

Being unemotional. So many salespeople keep emotions out of their calls, but the best know they need to tap into the heart component of the transformation they are selling. To invest in a transformation, prospects must desperately want to fulfill a need or a dream. Figure out what that is and help them understand why they should invest in themselves.

Let sales calls be more than empty tactics. Learn to delve into the problem your client needs to solve.

Focusing more on the features than the transformation. The vehicle by which your prospects reach their goal is almost always irrelevant – talk to them about the results they’ll experience and how your service will change their life.

Neglecting the COI. We all ask about the ROI of any investment we make, but make it clear on your calls what the cost of inaction will be. What will it cost your prospect not to invest in your service? It could be the money they would have made, or maybe recovering their time and bandwidth.

“People want transformation, but they want it on their terms.”

(5:20) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Not offering a guarantee. These days, the market is full of phony coaches and consultants. This means that many of your prospects will come to you burned out and guarded from a prior horrific experience. Offering them a guarantee of some sort reaffirms that you’ll put in the work if they do.

Desperately clinging to the outcome. If you take every call terrified that you won’t close the sale, you will suffer and so will your sales. You should greet each prospect from a place of service and seeking a win-win outcome. Be confident when you sell because you really believe in what you are selling.

Avoiding all of these sins will amount to the picture of an ideal salesperson – someone who puts the needs of the client before their own, is committed to providing a true transformation, and has the grace to present all the options and then let the prospect make the right decision for them.

How to Get Involved

If you’re ready to leverage your time and offer huge transformation to your clients while scaling your business in a big way, Janet can help. Janet has an extensive background in sales, has closed millions of dollars in high ticket programs, and has the expertise needed to move your business forward. Find more about her work with The High Ticket Freedom Shift program on her website.


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