EP 10: Closing The Sale With High Ticket Coaching and Consulting Clients

“No matter how great a salesperson is, they are not going to close unqualified leads.”

(12:52 – 13:00) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

If you are a coach or consultant attempting to get high-end clients, you likely have been banging your head against the wall. The key to closing the sale is to only schedule sales calls with those who are ready to buy.

High ticket funnel gurus tell us that getting clients is as simple as a “Facebook ad → webinar →  sales call” sales funnel. But they don’t tell us that the sales close ratio to this model is abysmal. The gurus have six-figure months because they are also doing other marketing activities in addition to the funnel. Unfortunately, they fail to mention this.

“You want your sales conversation to always be about, ‘Is it going to work for me?’”

(19:31 – 19:37) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

If you are spending a lot of time on your sales calls talking about your program, you will have a hard time closing the sale. Instead, you need to talk with them about their fears, concerns, past failures, and struggles in a way that convinces them to invest in their own transformation.

Or, you could hire someone to help you with the prospecting part — warming up potential clients and getting them to the point of being ready to make a buying decision.

Two things have to happen to close a high ticket sale:

1. The potential client has to know that the program works and trust you as the coach or consultant.

2. The person has to be confident the program is going to work for them.

You can address the first part in the prospecting and marketing stage. By the time the potential clients gets on a sales call, they already know your program works and have an attraction to you as the coach or consultant delivering the program.  

“Only schedule sales calls or strategy sessions with people who are ready to buy.”

(26:00 – 26:07) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

We’ve been experimenting with a new model for high-ticket lead flow from LinkedIn. In our experiments, we use real human chat – hiring a virtual assistant or training someone to cover this step – followed by a fifteen-minute discovery call and a two-step consultative sales process.

While the high ticket offers in the $10,000 range and up aren’t closing on the first call with this model, we do get these clients signed up with the right follow-up strategy.

It’s possible to have the success the gurus promise. However, don’t rely on the quick success formulas they provide that are unrealistic. Put some systems in motion to help the right clients will find you, and your time can be spent talking to people who are qualified and ready to pay for the transformation you have to offer.

How to Get Involved

If you’re ready to leverage your time and offer huge transformation to your clients while scaling your business in a big way, Janet can help. Janet has an extensive background in sales, has closed millions of dollars in high ticket programs, and has the expertise needed to move your business forward. Find more about her work with The High Ticket Freedom Shift program on her website.


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