EP 36: The Real Cost of Hiring a Salesperson

“There’s the Cost of Lost Revenue If You Don’t Bring the Right Person into Your Business.”

(3:01 – 3:08) – Janet Clark, The Sales Matchmaker

Many entrepreneurs are spinning their wheels, trying too many different things and not gaining traction. There are important elements to execute to scale your business past the six-figure mark.
In this week’s episode, Janet Clark covers the real cost of hiring a salesperson.

Part One on The Real Cost of Hiring a Salesperson

The stakes are super high in terms of training newly hired salespeople. However, some business owners underestimate the financial impact of poor hiring decisions. If you bring on the wrong person, you’ve just handed over your entire business to somebody who could absolutely jeopardize your reputation in the marketplace and leave you back at square one.

“Nobody is going to get a professional salesperson without investing in that person one way or another.”

(24:02 – 24:08) – Janet Clark, The Sales Matchmaker

It requires spending a chunk of your time to recruit, train and get the right people on board. Take it from Janet who has built her entire livelihood on being a professional salesperson and has experienced putting people through the Bootcamp process and constantly working at how to get people more successful so that they don’t fall off.

You’re pretty much getting an insightful idea that no matter what, there’s expense involved, most especially if they’re being held to a high standard.

If you get the opportunity to meet a potential high-level salesperson, they’re going to expect you to provide them with leads and that means you’re going to end up paying for those leads. On the other hand, if you meet someone whom you discovered isn’t a good fit for your company, you’ve poured all this money on advertisements and generating leads and you’ve got somebody who can’t close them, which is really what happens most of the time because most of these people have never done sales before.

Having seen this as a struggle of many, Janet has worked with high-level business partners who are experts in sales and marketing to help many entrepreneurs find the best salesperson who will represent their business according to their preference.

“That’s why the Sales Map was developed and why we do what we do and how we do it.”

(26-37 – 26:44) – Janet Clark, The Sales Matchmaker

No one guarantees sales results, especially in the online world. Janet does. She recruits, trains, and places salespeople with expert-based businesses.

Qualified leads. More sales guaranteed.

How to Get Involved
If you’ve tried a lot of strategies yet you’ve failed miserably and you’re ready to scale your business, feel free to seek help from Janet. She has extensive experience in helping hundreds of entrepreneurs minimize the investment and maximize the ROI with a high ticket salesperson. You can email her at Janet@salesmap.me


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