EP 35: Why Your Business is Stuck at $100K

“You Need To Find A Salesperson Who Will Serve You At The Highest Level.”

(19:40 – 20:08) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

The reality is that many coaches and consultants are stuck at $100,000 in annual business revenue. By becoming aware of these traps — you can create a solid foundation to get unstuck and scale your business.

Part One On Why Your Business Is Stuck At 100K

The feast and famine cashflow cycle needs to end. Most coaches and consultants are falling short of independence and financial freedom because they do not have all of their ducks in a row. They are creating bottlenecks in their business and they are wearing too many hats. The biggest issue is that entrepreneurs scramble around to generate more sales and are not able to fulfill on the backend. This can ruin a reputation.

“In business your reputation is everything.”

(15:35 – 16:00) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Having a smooth fulfillment process will help customers rave about a company’s services and products to their friends and family. Incredible world-class value and transformation will increase credibility and a business owner’s reputation.

Imagine serving ten times more clients this year with proper marketing and sales systems in place. The first step would be to hire a salesperson who knows how to initiate conversations, build relationships, nurture those relationships, establish trust, and bring people into a normal conversation to close a sale.

Part Two On Why Your Business Is Stuck at 100K

Before a prospect ever gets on a discovery call with the salesperson, the salesperson must qualify the person beforehand through open-ended conversations.

The prospect should already know what your business does, what program is offered, how it works and has an interest in it. And, a perfectly matched salesperson will know how to manage the prospect in a good way. Imagine a 10x return on investment and no longer having to wear so many different hats.

“A salesperson is not an expense or a liability, they are an ASSET.”

(28:25 – 29:10) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Therefore, the next best step to surpass $100,000 a year is to get a salesperson onboard.

How to Get Involved

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