EP 31: 5 Preventable High Ticket Sales Mistakes

“Did you know the average cost in time and money to recruit, interview, hire, and train a salesperson is $25,000 and only ⅕ of salespeople make it?”

(7:12 – 7:22) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

There are 5 preventable high ticket sales mistakes that coaches, consultants, and agency owners are making in their business. If you know you are not closing the sales that you should be closing, pay attention closely to this message. Once you fix these five issues, you will be amazed at how your results improve to help you close more high ticket sales.

Part One Of Five High Ticket Sales Mistakes

Many coaches and agency owners are not targeting a specific ideal client. Instead, they go broad in their marketing. This is a huge problem. As counterintuitive as it may seem, it is better to focus on a narrower market. You can pinpoint your benefits and features to a specific industry and speak to the customer in language that resonates with them. Casting a wide net will not increase the probability of success.

“Craft An Offer That Appeals To Both Logic and Emotions.”

(5:50 – 5:55) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Your competitors are out there and doing everything they can to make their offer very appealing. You have to know what your competitors are offering than build value into your offer to make it irresistible.

It’s going to make sense for your prospective client to look at the offer and make it a no-brainer for them. Something that they are going to say in their head… “Man, I would be crazy to pass that up.” This is what makes an offer irresistible.

Part Two Of Five High Ticket Sales Mistakes

Did you know the average cost in time and money to recruit, interview, hire, and train a salesperson is $25,000 and only ⅕ salespeople make it?

It could cost a coach $125,000 to bring on one good salesperson. Now, that doesn’t take into account the lost opportunity cost of not having a salesperson on board because that person could be generating $20,000 a month in sales. So, there’s another $240,000 in lost revenue. That is a huge number.

With our program called SalesMap, we know we can put a program together that eliminates all of the costs for coaches and consultants. It recovers the lost revenue opportunity and adds huge value to them. And, at a $25,000 price tag, that is a no brainer offer for them especially when there is an ROI guarantee attached to it.

Part Three Of Five High Ticket Sales Mistakes

You won’t be surprised to know that 43% of coaches said their business comes from referrals. We all love referrals but if you are depending on referrals to run your business, you are going to be on an income roller coaster. You want referrals to be the cherry on top, not the single-core of the way you bring in revenue every single month.

“You cannot control, predict, or rely on referrals every single month.

(9:33 – 9:40) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

How to Get Involved If you’re ready to be matched with your high ticket closer, Janet can help. Janet has an extensive background in sales, has closed millions of dollars in high ticket programs, and has the expertise needed to move your business forward. Find more about her work with The High Ticket Freedom Shift program on her website.


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