EP 29: Your Plan for Sales Mastery

“Practice does not make perfect with sales. But, it will make you a lot of money!”

(8:35 – 8:40) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Many coaches, consultants, and agency owners feel they are not cut out to be a salesperson. And, everyone wishes they could do better at sales. In fact, many of the coaches that I speak to say, “I hate selling. I’m not good at it.” You are not alone. So, when it comes to mastering sales, there’s one teaching strategy that I use. It’s an ideal acronym for learning new sales techniques and remembering them. I call it, PLAN.

Part One of Your Plan For Sales Mastery

Practice: If you want to know why I’m great at sales and have closed $100,000 packages, it is because I’ve been practicing for DECADES.

Have you ever watched major league athletes? They are continuously going out and practicing their techniques. And, you should too. In sales, it’s all about going out there and playing the game. Every one of us is different so, it is always going to be a new playing field. You are playing a new team. You are up against a new opponent. The challenges you will face in communication are always new and always different. Each time you get out there you will experience something different. You have an opportunity to practice your own communication skills. You are just going to get better, better, and better as you do it. If you feel you are not doing enough sales calls, then get on more. Keep practicing.

“You will not be great at sales if you do not know how to lead a conversation.”

(9:26 – 9:34) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Leadership: A great leader is a strong, confident person who has a strong sense of self. You have to have the confidence to lend it to the prospect so they have it to move forward. If you do not have the confidence, then you need to hone in on it.

Another quality or characteristic of leadership is conviction and that means you need to be steadfast in your belief of what you are selling. And that goes for you if you are a coach, consultant or salesperson. You need 100% conviction that you are leading a client into something that will enhance their life or business.

The next thing is curiosity, a good leader cares about people. A good leader wants to understand what makes someone tick. They are genuinely interested in that person and they have a strong desire to help that person. This requires empathy, understanding, ability to listen, ask good questions and then be able to get people to open up to you. That is what leadership is.

“A great salesperson will not be afraid to hear ‘NO’ ten times!”

(14:04 – 14:11) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Ambition: Salespeople who are really great will not stop even when it seems they will not get the sale. They are AMBITIOUS. Ambition means having a strong desire to do or achieve something that requires hard work. And here is the thing, in our society, unfortunately, most people are not willing to do the work. They want instant results. And, that is not the way it works.

Statistics show that 80% of all sales are made by 20% of the good salespeople. And, 20% of those people are the ambitious ones who will push through rejection even when it feels hard. The salesperson will find a way to present the offer in a slightly different way or condition to earn the sale.

“The opposite of networking is not working.”

(15:36 – 15:40) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Network: Networking is the key to everything in sales. People will buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust. Whether you are a coach, consultant or salesperson, you have to have strategic alliances.

It’s one of the missing ingredients that high ticket closers face. They have not built a foundation of trust. That is one of the sad situations that we are finding ourselves in right now. Salespeople have lost the art of selling and the art of relationship building, prospecting, getting in the head and heart of the person.

It used to be networking took place outside of your workspace where you went to industry events, but it’s not imperative that you need to leave your computer in order to network. It’s totally possible now to build relationships with people all over the world through Zoom calls, LinkedIn, Facebook and all sorts of social media platforms.

How to Get Involved

If you want to master sales and become one of the TOP 20% of salespeople or consultants in your space, follow this acronym PLAN and reach out to me at Janet@thefreedomshift.com for more sales training and matchmaking.I have personally sold millions of dollars for TOP entrepreneurs and I know I’ll help you make more money, have more fun, enjoy life a lot more, and get to the point of FREEDOM. Financial freedom, time freedom, & lifestyle freedom.

Talk soon,
Janet Clark, The Sales Matchmaker


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