EP 27: Why Do You Hate Your Clients

“Offer them a service that is in alignment with what you are really good at.”

(5:42 – 6:01) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

When you hate your clients, it is because YOU sold them into your program. And, that’s a hard pill to swallow. For most coaches and consultants, we have all had an experience when you will run into a conflict with a customer. Let’s talk about why this happens.

Part One of Why You Hate Your Clients: You Do Not Have A Clearly Defined Set Of Deliverables.

(7:17 – 7:24) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

We hear from other people how they LOVE their clients and everything is so perfect, and all of that is true. But, what about the ones who have problem clients? Why does this happen? And, what can you do about it?

You need to have a clearly defined set of deliverables.

Have milestones and written expectations of what success looks like in your program. ROI is not the only thing that matters. As coaches and consultants, we are teaching them to think differently, to open their minds, to open their skills. And, that process takes time and not everybody goes through that process at the exact same speed. And, when they don’t start seeing results immediately, then how do they know that the program is working?

Well, you do that by creating a roadmap for the client to be able to see. One thing we added to our program is a blueprint. Our program blueprint is a tangible thing they have created to get clear on their offer, who they are targeting, and it also becomes a sales tool for their salesperson.

They will also get a script for a discovery call on how do they qualify someone. Another thing is to make sure they get a customized sales flowchart. I make sure that every client has a flow chart on how to have that conversation that is specifically customized to their business. Now, we also incorporate a checklist of milestones.

We break our program into three phases:

In Phase 1, the client knows they will create the deliverables:

1. Program Blueprint 2. Discovery Script 3. Sales Flowchart and they will get matched for someone to sell for them.

In Phase 2, they go through the sprint and they are actually going to enroll a client with our help.

In Phase 3, they are matched with a salesperson and our deliverable is the salesperson will make a sale for them.

It will result in a client getting ROI.

Part Two of Why You Hate Your Clients: You Are Not Charging What You Are Worth. -Janet Clark

(12:47 – 1:56) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Once you have gotten some testimonials and happy clients, change your rate. When you get a client who is willing to invest at a higher level in their own personal growth and transformation, they are easier to work with.

When you consistently undersell your services, you will be stuck in hell. You will be working in the job from hell, from the clients from hell. One of the things you need to do is to get some guidance now.

90% of the clients that enroll to work with us are underselling. They are charging too little for their services. And, even though from some level they recognize it, they have a setback around money.

Part Three of Why You Hate Your Clients: You Are Working With The Wrong Clients.

(16:36 – 16:45) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

People might be delighted to work with you, but they’re not the type of clients you want to attract. And, if you cannot afford to turn down the business, you end up accepting the clients. It’s a catch 22-situation.

This situation is very common in the online industry, especially among service-based business owners. Stop settling for what you can get and start landing the clients and opportunities that you actually want. Trust me, your dream clients are out there.

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