EP 26: Marrying Marketing and Sales

“You can marry marketing and sales so that they work synergistically. That way, salespeople turn your leads into clients who are enrolled in your program.”

(3:44 – 4:06) – Nazim Agabekov, Nazim Consulting

Nazim Agabekov specializes in helping coaches and consultants leverage cutting-edge marketing to generate leads and enroll them as clients. Nazim’s agency helps clients with organic marketing and funnels, and they’ve developed a blueprint clients use to scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond.

Why You’re Not Converting Leads Into Sales

As a high-ticket coach or consultant, you might be running Facebook or YouTube ads to generate leads. You might have a sales team whose job is to turn those leads into clients for your product or service. But the challenge for many coaches is that not enough of their leads convert into sales. They find that the return on their ad campaigns is nowhere near what they need it to be. Their sales team may be experiencing burnout. They might be booking calls, but these prospects may turn out to be no-shows, tire-kickers, or people who can’t afford a high-ticket coaching program.

“In marketing, sales, and business, the most brilliant breakthrough solutions are often the most simple ones.”

(19:12 – 19:20) – Nazim Agabekov, Nazim Consulting

Marketing and sales teams can become frustrated. The marketers think they’re doing their part by generating leads, but the salespeople might struggle when prospects aren’t qualified. If you want to improve sales and grow your consulting business, make sure that your sales and marketing teams are working synergistically.

A Simple Concept to Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Leads often fail to convert because of the disconnect between the marketing and sales efforts within a team. The leads you get are based on the targeting criteria you’ve set in your ad campaigns. But that’s often not enough to ensure that they are a good fit for your services.

You want to be closing about 60 percent of your sales calls. As long as they are qualified, you’ll get better results even if you have fewer leads. You’ll be able to scale your business much more efficiently.

Setting your leads allows you to significantly increase your close ratio. This means setting up your salespeople with calls that they’re most likely to close. You do this by calling leads to pre-qualify them before they get on a call with a salesperson. On the setting call, which is typically no longer than 15 minutes, you’re looking to qualify your lead on three different criteria:

1. Time – Your prospects need to have a realistic expectation of the time they’ll have to invest for you to be able to help them get the results that you’ve promised.

2. Energy – Make sure that your potential client is willing to do the work that will be required from them. The last thing you want is someone who thinks all they have to do is pay for results to magically appear.

3. Money – Find out if your prospect is willing and able to invest the money that your program costs.

“When you’re on a call with a prospect looking to make a life-transforming investment, you need to have energy and enthusiasm. But that energy is sapped when you’re talking to leads that aren’t a good fit for your services.”

(25:44 – 26:01) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Qualifying prospects by using these three points can increase the likelihood that leads are a good fit for your services. It allows salespeople to focus their energy on the most important job, which is to help prospects make the life-transforming decision to join your high-ticket coaching program.

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