EP 19: Closer or Sales Professional

“A sales professional is in the business of making people happy. That is primarily what you are here to do.”

(21:29 – 21:39) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

There’s a big difference between being a “closer” and being a sales professional. But there’s a lot of B.S. being taught when it comes to high ticket selling. People are focusing too much on the tricks, tactics, and techniques that turn salespeople into “closers.”

Professional salespeople understand that there are five truths they need to live by to achieve long-term sales success while delivering real value to their clients. These five truths are rooted in the most important factors in sales – the relationships and trust you build with your prospects.

“The best way to become a successful sales professional is to relax, be yourself, and actually care about your prospects.”

(6:16 – 6:29) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

5 Truths of Professional Selling

Truth #1: All People Seek Happiness

Anything you do in life is done in the hopes that it will make you happy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t do it. Even the things we do for others give us some sense of happiness and fulfillment. We become happier seeing someone we care about get what they want in life. It’s human nature to seek happiness.

Truth #2: Happiness is Relative

The things that make you happy may not necessarily bring happiness to others. Every person has a unique way of achieving happiness. This drives their decisions and actions, and they find happiness in different ways.

Truth #3: Every Person’s Resources are Limited  

Time, energy, money, and other resources are finite. As a result, we all have to consider how much of our resources we’re willing to give up in order to achieve happiness in life.

We make decisions on how we spend our time and money each day. So every person asks herself, “Will I be happier if I exchange my time, money, etc. for this?”

Truth #4: Everyone Must Choose

As a sales professional, it’s in your best interest when prospects believe that what you have to offer will fulfill their desires. But every person has to choose between a seemingly endless array of things that can make them happy.

Prospects recognize the limits of their resources. Everyone wants more than they can actually have. But we can never have it all because our resources are limited.  So every person must choose between what they already have and giving up resources to get something else.

“Everybody is looking for one thing – They want the return to be greater than the investment.”

(15:40 – 15:48) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Truth #5: Every Person Has Their Own Unique Set of Values

Each person’s values will be different from someone else’s. Successful sales professionals recognize this truth and align the sales conversation with those values. The decisions they make when making a purchase come down to valuing one thing over another.

When you focus on the unique values of your prospects, you can begin to create a sales conversation that prioritizes their needs and offers a return that exceeds the investment they make. Most salespeople think of ROI in the context of “dollar for dollar.” But the ROI that most people are looking for isn’t always measured in dollars. It’s measured in the happiness they get out of the investment.

The successful sales professional connects with prospects and uncovers their true motivations. When you dig deeper, you discover what prospects believe will make them happy. Only then can you begin to deliver real value. The “closer” looks at selling as a win-lose proposition. The sales professional makes everyone a winner.

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