EP: 13 How to Create an Irresistible Offer That Sells

“Your offer is the gateway to the explosive growth that you are looking for in your own business, and your clients’ businesses.”

(2:40 – 2:48) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

How to create an offer that communicates your unique selling proposition.

As a coach or a consultant selling a high ticket program, crafting an irresistible offer is a critical component of increasing your sales. Your offer can communicate your unique selling proposition to attract your ideal clients. Having a great offer is the key that will allow you to grow your business, as well as your clients’ businesses.

When creating an offer, the biggest factors to consider are the individuals you are serving, and their specific pain points. You should have some specific knowledge about the niche you’re targeting. You also need to know about some of your competitors in that space, so you can create a unique offer and fill any gaps in the marketplace.

“The most important thing to consider when you’re creating your offer is who is your avatar, or your ideal client.”

(1:40 – 1:47) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Once you have a solid understanding of your market, you can start putting your offer together. Your prospects will always want to know why they should choose you over someone else, and your offer needs to communicate what differentiates you from the others. Below, we’ll discuss 8 components that you can include in your offer to make it irresistible to your ideal prospects.

The 8 components to include in your offer to make it irresistible.

Results – Be concrete about the outcome that your clients can expect. The results you promise should be something measurable. For example, tell them they can expect a 30% increase in sales within six months, instead of only telling them they will acquire new customers. Also, this is where you can address their unique pain points. Share with them how your services will be a solution to their specific problems.

Value – Your client has to understand that the benefit of your offer far outweighs the cost or the investment, so that purchasing your services becomes a no-brainer. One way to increase the value of your offer is to create bundles that combine multiple services or products, and include bonuses that complement the bundles.

Value-Based Pricing – You need to price your offer in a way generates a healthy profit for you. You can do this by effectively communicating the enormous benefits of your program. When pricing your offer, take into account all of your expenses, and the value of your time. Be aware of what others are charging in your niche so that you can be competitive while adding value and increasing the ROI for your clients.

Incentive or Deadline – To prevent your prospects from procrastinating on taking action, give them a reason to act immediately. Incentivize them to buy from you within a specific period. Present your incentive as a limited-time offer instead of a discount. For example, if you charge $10K for a 90-day coaching program, offer to let them in for $7.5K if they join by the end of the week.

Risk reversal – Remove friction and increase sales by reducing as much risk as possible for your prospect. One way to do that is by assuming some of the risks yourself. Charge them a percentage of the price upfront and allow them to pay the rest when they achieve the results you’ve promised. Another way to remove risk is by guaranteeing the outcome they can expect by promising to keep working until those outcomes are achieved.

Community – As social beings, we crave connections. It’s a universal desire to form bonds with others. We all want to be part of a tribe, or belong to people that resonate with us. Try to make your offer about a bigger movement that your client will be joining. Tell the story of how your program originated to create an emotional connection. Help the prospect find themselves in your story, and see how your services will fulfill that need for connection.

Social proof – Be sure to include plenty of testimonials in your offer. Your prospects want to know how others have experienced your product and what results they were able to achieve because of it. They are often interested in the program that has the best reviews and testimonials, not the ones that cost the least.

Call-to-action – This is one of the most critical parts of the offer. You can have great marketing and copy, but if you don’t tell people what the next step is you’ll lose out on so many sales. Think about the call-to-action as instructing and guiding your prospect on how to take advantage of your no-brainer offer. The coaches and consultants that are succeeding at the highest level always make an offer and add a call-to-action.

“If you include all the components of an irresistible offer, as you start speaking to your prospects, you’ll learn how to tweak them and put them together so that your offer becomes a no-brainer to your ideal clients.”

(7:27 – 7:47) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

While there isn’t a perfect combination of all the components mentioned above that will work for every single prospect and entrepreneur, it’s an excellent place to start. Incorporate them into your offer and then start speaking to your target prospects on social media platforms like LinkedIn. You’ll soon discover how to tweak the 8 components and put them together in a combination that will make your offer irresistible to the ideal client.

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