EP 11: The Most Important Sales Question

“Getting clear on your ‘why’ is not the only way to be successful, but it is the only way to attract and maintain the right clients.”

(10:44 – 10:54) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

The most important question that will make or break your sales results as a coach or consultant selling high ticket, high transformational programs is one that you must first answer for yourself and ask of your prospect: “Why? Why do I do what I do?”

Before you decide what your coach or consulting program entails, you need to ask yourself, “Why did I become a coach or consultant in the first place?” and “How can I bring my core belief and purpose into reality?”

Simon Sinek, the author Start with Why, explains that what you do and how you do it may change as your life evolves, but your core belief and purpose that really motivates you is always the same. Understanding this enables you to discover your why as you look back and identify the core theme that stays the same throughout your life and your career.

Your goal is to do business with those who believe what you believe. Once you know what your why is and you help your prospects identify their why, they’re going to buy based on their desire to fulfill their inner why.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it as long as it aligns with their own why.”

(11:43 – 11:51) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

Once you determine your why and establish what you offer to your ideal clients based on your why, you must attract them.

You win prospective clients’ hearts and minds by attracting them through your message before leading them through a systematic buying process. This is where the art and the science of sales come into play. You can do all the right things in a sales conversation and ask all the right questions, but you won’t get the sale if you don’t make a heart connection with them.

Your prospects are people who must know, like, and trust you before they buy from you. And the best way to build that know, like, and trust factor is by authentically sharing your why.

When you are authentic in the spirit of service and you attract people who are drawn to your why, sales happen without resorting to any sort of manipulation.

People in our industry who don’t understand their own why and who focus more on the what, use manipulative tactics. But manipulation creates uncertainty, buyer’s remorse, and increases stress for both the seller and the buyer.

Many salespeople make the mistake of trying to sell based on logic and facts. Although these are important to include in any sales pitch, the critical piece that makes people decide to jump into these transformational programs is emotion. People buy based on their hopes and dreams. They make emotional decisions and then justify them with logic.

The best salespeople will tell you that it takes conviction or belief in what they’re selling to be great at sales. If you truly believe in what you are selling, you won’t need to use manipulative tactics like special pricing, promotions, scarcity, or intimidation.

So how do you acquire this conviction? You design your program to align with your why. When your program is in alignment with your why, then every word that comes out of your mouth will be authentic. It is this authenticity that produces the relationship, and the relationships build the trust.

Without trust, you’ll find yourself competing with everyone else on price and features. Without authenticity, you’ll have to resort to manipulative tactics which only work for the short term. So many people have purchased high ticket programs because of these tactics, but then don’t get the results they were promised or receive the nurture and support they need. They are unlikely to buy from the same coach or consultant again.

Manipulation pushes people to make a decision by appealing to irrational desires or playing on their fears. But when your prospects’ emotional reaction to your marketing aligns with how they see themselves, they become inspired and make decisions to buy based on their own why and the affinity they feel for you and your why.

“When you are selective about doing business with those whose why identifies with yours, then a high level of trust emerges. It is this level of trust that results in true transformation.”

(16:46 – 16:59) – Janet Clark, The Freedom Shift

The most important question to assure great sales results and great clients is “Why?” – both your why and their why. When you get this right, you will be amazed at how easy selling becomes.

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If you’re ready to leverage your time and offer huge transformation to your clients while scaling your business in a big way, Janet can help. Janet has an extensive background in sales, has closed millions of dollars in high ticket programs, and has the expertise needed to move your business forward. Find more about her work with The High Ticket Freedom Shift program on her website.


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