Wow, I had another Freedom Shift this week!

Hi, I’m Janet Clark, founder of The Freedom Shift. Today, on the Janet Talks Business TV weekly Blog I’d like to share a moment of letting go that I experienced in meditation this week. But first, let me ask you: Do you sometimes feel like you’re swimming against the current? Because I’ve been feeling a bit “out of sync” with the world lately and it’s been unsettling.

But the universe  has a way of putting distraction in our path so that our soul can find it’s way to live out it’s purpose. When something unsettles me, it’s clear that I must figure out why.

So lately I have been feeling annoyed and frustrated each time I check Facebook. Actually, it’s been making me feel totally exhausted.

The fact is, the majority of my FB friends are entrepreneurs in their 30’s, who are in the early stages of new relationships, new businesses, and parenthood. And Yes, that makes me feel exhausted –  because I have been there and done that. Don’t get me wrong… I loved every busy, working, enthralling minute of it…I loved the challenges and rewards of raising my family, amassing my nest egg, going to school, jet setting around the country for business and pleasure, buying clothes and things, and working out hard. It’s “a rush” to be in the flow of life… building dreams and making them come true. New life is amazing in every aspect of life–family, career, bank account, and health.

But there is a time and there is a season for everything. And while I’m totally associating with this crowd, I’m feeling an energy drain and rightly so! There was a time when my soul longed for adventure and new growth. My purpose was to be a caretaker, a leader, an orchestrator and  the coordinator.

But, today, I am in a different place…and I have  been resisting that for a while. For some reason my mind has been hanging on to the “old version of me”.  But, the truth is, my soul is on a mission and my mind is in the way! Until I let go of “who I was”, I can’t create the opening for new growth experiences.

What about you? Are you holding on to some previous version of yourself? Are you limiting your soul’s potential by allowing yourself to be all caught up in someone else’s dream?

The truth is, where I am now is exactly where my soul wants to be. I get to relax, enjoy the fruits of my labors and give back…I can love what I have achieved and let go of all the stresses that came along with “getting here”. I don’t have to be in charge anymore…and I can let go and see another way to grow in my purpose. WOW, that’s liberating….

So, what does that mean for you if you choose to work with me? Well, I can serve in a different way. Since I no longer have to worry about making a living or saving for my future. I no longer have to put 4 kids through college or pay for braces and weddings. I can truly focus my business on helping more people – in a less complicated or costly way.. This is totally joyful and a new level of Freedom!

And it means I can help you. If you are a younger entrepreneur,  I get it…I know how to channel positive energy and use the laws of the universe to create a livelihood. And more importantly, if you’re where I am, and you want to share your own our unique gifts to follow your own soul’s journey, I can help you.

So my Ah-Ha moment came through meditation and I share this with you – accept where you are right now, let go of the past, tap into the higher purpose of your soul.

For me, I choose to live simply. I choose to live spiritually. I choose to be grateful. I choose to release all judgment about myself and others. I choose to give more than I get. And I am committed to establishing programs that are affordable for anyone who is ready to make their own Freedom Shift, regardless of where they are now.

So I embrace all of life’s stages. I love the high vibrational energy of youth and I am in awe of this new level of spiritual energy that is guiding me.

And I would love to hear from you. Below this video is a link to schedule a time to chat or meet via skype.

Until next week, I’m sending you light an love.



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