Why You Don’t Stink at Sales – Part 2

Hi, it’s Janet Clark from The Freedom Shift, back this week on Janet Talks Business TV to further our discussion about selling.

How did you do? Last week, I suggested that you focus on improving your listening skills. If you missed that video, make sure you watch it, the link is right here : https://thefreedomshift.com/do-you-stink-at-sales-part-1/

Let’s go further into the Selling From the Heart process so that you can shift your mindset and behavior around selling.

I made a fundamental error when I started working with my list – I spent a lot of time designing my program and figuring out the components of my offer. I wrote out all the features and benefits I offered. And then I started telling people about them…it seemed so logical to me that if someone said “I need help launching my business”, then I would launch into telling them exactly how I would help them launch their business.

But that wasn’t the point at all. See, people have a lot of options when it comes to launching a business. There are coaches all over the internet, there are training programs and webinars and blogs with great information and steps to take.

What were people really looking for? Help to think through their strategy. Help to figure out who to hire as a coach. Help to figure out if they even need to hire a coach. Help to figure out if they can succeed as an entrepreneur. Help to believe in themselves. Help to overcome the resistance from their family. Help to stop procrastinating. See what I mean? Different people needed different solutions because each one has their own internal struggle going on.

Now that I understand this, I can be more helpful. So let me ask you, did you find out what each of your prospects really needs? What’s in the way? Why are they still stuck?

If you did uncover those things, then you are ready to provide them some feedback.

Here’s this week’s challenge. Come up with 3 options for them –

1. Of course, is to do nothing or keep doing what they are already doing

2. Is to do something other than your program –

3. Is to work with you.

Then write down what they could expect for RESULTS from each option.

1. For example, if they keep doing what they are already doing, they can expect the exact same results they are getting right now.

2. Maybe they could do a different program than yours but not get the same level of transformation – let’s use weight loss, maybe they could join weight watchers, lose the weight but not address the holistic approach that will actually make them feel happy, joyous & free.

3. They can work with you and completely shift their happiness, body image, relationships and overall success in life.

You get what I mean. I’m making you focus on results here – not the process. Tie the results back to what they told you they want and need.

Then get on the phone and have this dialogue with them. Without giving any details of your program. Ask them what results they want. Then ask them what would get in the way of working with you. This is where you will hear the objections.

For purposes of our training series, I’m going to suggest that you not respond to their objections on the call. Tell them, you completely understand their concerns. Ask them “are there other considerations?”, Let them talk. Your goal here is to find out every objection that is in the way and then to dig a bit deeper to find out if there is more.

So for example, if they say it’s a money issue. Say something like, “if the price were right, is there anything else that would stop you?” Or “what is the price point that would make it worth your while to do this?” Ask questions to figure out what really is stopping them. Once you feel you have all the objections, tell them you are going to think about some creative way to help them. And you’ll get back to them.

Next week, I’ll address how to deal with objections!

Until then, email me with questions or to request a chat. In fact, I’d love to see what objections come up, email them to me. janet@thefreedomshift.com Talk to you next week. Sending Light and Love.




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