Why Don’t You Just Quit?

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So, Why Don’t You Just Quit?

That is exactly what the pesky voices in my head were saying to me last week. In fact they were screaming so loud, I could hardly hear my “inner voice” – that one that’s calling me to step up and do something bigger with my life.

No, Those other voices – I call them my “mind” talking were loudly saying things like “you don’t need to do this”, “it’s too hard”, “there’s too many obstacles”, “there’s an easier way to make money”.

See, last week, I faced some technology issues that were downright annoying and very aggravating. I won’t go into all the details here for the sake of time. Let me just say “I’m sorry”, to those who tried to get on the 12-Month Client Attraction Plan webinar. It was a disaster, and then my computer crashed the next day and the re-recording was lost, in fact the entire presentation was lost. All in all, whatever work I did last week, I pretty much have to do all over again this week.

Have you ever lost an entire week of work because of some unexpected glitch? Maybe you get sick. Or someone you love has a crisis. Maybe your computer crashes. Or you have to go to a funeral… This stuff happens all the time.

And it’s really hard, especially for us entrepreneurs who are building businesses. We don’t have a company behind us to pay us for sick time or personal time. Another thing that’s hard is when our loved ones would just as soon we take the advice of our “mind voices”, in fact sometimes they “chime right in and say the same things from the outside”. Now I’m not saying that my family isn’t “supportive” of my business, but truthfully, because they love me, they don’t want to see me struggle. They want my life to be easier so they wonder out loud “why are you putting yourself through so much to build a business when you could just get a job”.

It is all we can do sometimes to just hang on and stay in touch with our inner voice or our “big why”. So here’s why I didn’t quit.

I am on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible make their life purpose their livelihood. If I quit, I will have no peace of mind. That inner voice will still be there, nudging me to do what I came here to do.

I believe it’s the same for you. If you don’t pursue your dream, you won’t find inner peace and joy.

And I also remember (from past experience) that it’s challenging to start a business, I did it 10 years ago and the 1st 2 years are a struggle.

But I also remember that there it is worth it. I recall the personal power and autonomy it gave me.

I remember being free to go where I wanted, when I wanted and make my own schedule.

And I know what financial freedom is and that is the way I’ll be able to help more people.

So, here I am, staying in the moment and sending you light and love.

If you need a word of support and some empathy along your journey – email me at janet@thefreedomshift.com or schedule a chat with me at this link .

If you’re out there waiting for me to layout your 12 Month Client Attraction Plan, know that I will send another invite later this week.

No quitting! Talk to you next week.

Eban Pagan
Well, our Hangout was great, but we seem to have broken the internet again…
 We had so much traffic coming in that we crashed our server. Sorry about that.
 I haven’t had that happen in years. It’s always humbling to have technology show your… “human” fallibility!




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