What’s Your Game Changer?

Hi it’s Janet Clark with Janet Talks Business TV.  Last week we talked about creating a livelihood and today I want to tell you a quick story about a woman (kid, really, she is 24) who is making her dreams happen.

As many of you know, I just moved to Florida from Massachusetts. Now I have short hair, so I have to get it cut quite frequently and yesterday was one of those days.

Being new to town, I have no stylist so I looked in Sunday’s newspaper to check the ads. One that I saw for The Salon Professional Academy which is a cosmetology school that offers full service hair and nail by it’s students.
The concept intrigued me and the fact that they were offering same day appointments and very reasonable prices, I decide to give it a try. After all, my hair grows fast so what the heck?

Since the rates were pretty cheap, I decided to do a full spa afternoon and get the color, cut, highlights, manicure & pedicure. For those who know me, I don’t typically indulge in “girls day out” but what the heck. It’s been a stressful few weeks moving.

I was “assigned to Ashley” a perky 24 year old who was going to do all the services. She would be “checked” by an educator as she went along. I relaxed into the experience and started chit chatting with her.

I learned that she is 24 years old, has a 5-year old daughter and a husband unable to work because he’s sick with Crohn’s disease. Not only is she going to school full time, she also has 3 of her nephews living with her because they were abandoned by her sister, their mother.

Ashley has never had a job that paid more than minimum wage. She doesn’t know her father and was brought up with 4 siblings by a single mom, who worked minimum wage jobs . They had what they needed by no extras. No one in her entire family graduated from high school. She quit at 16. You get the picture! This girl has struggled and continues to struggle. She has no role models for success. But here is the inspiring thing!

Ashley got pregnant at 18 and then when her daughter was 3 they were in a car accident that should have killed both of them. However, a miracle saved them from being crushed inside the car. That was the game-changer for Ashley.
She decided to make something of her life. She got her GED. She found the Salon Professional Academy and knew she needed to become a cosmetologist.

And, Here’s where the story relates to us as entrepreneurs. I asked her how much the program costs and she told me it’s $16,000 for 9 months. I said “wow, that’s steep, how did you pay for it?”.

This is what blew me away –“ I borrowed from everyone I know. I took out loans. Once I knew this was what I would love to do, I had to find a way. ”. I’ll pay it back but I know that some stylists make 6 digits! That will be me.

Now here’s a girl who has NEVER made more than minimum wage, has no family history of abundance, and she found $16,000 to build her dream. In her case, it took a brush with death.

If she can do it, so can you! Whatever your dream is, find a way. When you find the right coach, hire him or her. Get your butt in gear. Believe in yourself and Go For IT.


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