What’s the #1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Fail and the #1 Way to Avoid it?

Hi, Janet Clark here from The Freedom Shift with this week’s episode of JTB TV. And I’ll get right to the point. Do you know why less than 20% of all those who start businesses fail? It’s because they quit! And I guarantee you that those of us who do make it, think about quitting more than once. And here’s why! This may sound familiar to you…

Most entrepreneurs find themselves working 60‐70 hours a week. They work on weekends. Often they’re not working with clients, they’re just working hard trying to get clients – working hard creating marketing programs that don’t work – working hard to devise new strategies and revising their game plan. And if it isn’t these problems, there will be others, like what happened to me. I found myself with too many clients, which sounds like a good problem, but believe me, it created 60 hour work weeks, working on weekends and lots of stress. Either way, it’s a major energy drain and not at all the way we envision life as an entrepreneur. So what happens to the majority? They quit! They just get sick and tired of working in their business and not on their business, which is exactly what I found myself doing.

But guess what – it’s perfectly normal to encounter these problems and there is a way out! It’s a 3-step approach but it falls under one umbrella – Guidance!

#1: Get Inner Guidance. Take time away to connect with your soul and figure out WHY you want your business. Meditate and let go of the money reason because if it’s only about the money, you will fail. Figure out what your inner calling is and re-confirm that your heart, mind and soul are in alignment. I have a process to help people through this which I’ll tell you more about at the end.

#2. Get Outer Guidance. Every entrepreneur needs a coach, a mentor or a teacher to lead the way. This is not uncharted territory, others have gone before you, so don’t try to blaze a new trail. Just get a guide and follow them.

#3. Community Guidance. You’ve heard the expression “people need people”, well it’s true. You can’t sit alone in your office struggling to build your business. In fact, there are no entrepreneurs that I know of who are earning a 6-figure multiple income stream going at it alone. They had a team to support them and so must you! When Napolean Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich,” he talked about the power of a Mastermind group. Why is that powerful? Because when a group of smart people put their heads together, they great synergistic ideas – meaning that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And the very best way to create a Mastermind group for your business is through a team comprised of diverse skills who are all focused on your business.

So there you have it. Don’t Quit unless your heart, soul and mind are out of sync. And Get Guidance.

Sending you Light and Love,

P.S. If you’d like to have me walk you through my Alignment Process, I am offering a free session to the first 5 people who sign up. I’ve opened up a few slots on my calendar and I will share this process with the first 5 people who click the link below and request an Alignment Assessment Session. It’s a lot of fun and it will definitely set you straight. Click or copy my calendar to set up an appointment: https://www.timetrade.com/book/W53LQ


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