It’s not about the money, but it’s all about the money.

“The reason you become an entrepreneur is not about the money, BUT The way you succeed as an entrepreneur is all about the money” I started working with an Inner Voice Coach – someone who could guide me in business and also who can provide me with spiritual guidance. When we started our work together,
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5 Steps to Create Your True Livelihood

Hi, I’m Janet Clark your host of Janet Talks Business TV and founder of The Freedom Shift. Today I am going to speak to you about a process I’ve gone through to Create my True Livelihood. Are you wondering how to make your life purpose your livelihood? I was struggling with how to integrate my
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Creating a Livelihood

Hi it’s Janet from the Freedom Shift and we are here on Janet Talks Business TV.  Last week I talked to you about happiness and how it relates to your business. This week I want to go a little further in explaining to you how this transformation took place in me. How going from a
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I’m Inspired…!!! Now What?

Hi, I’m Janet Clark and I’m happy to introduce you to my new video blog which is a weekly series called Janet Talks Business TV. This weekly blog will be a short 3 minute video which will also be available as text, discussing a business concept that is relevant to all who aspire to teach,
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