Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hi there, Janet Clark here with this week’s episode of Janet Talks Business TV. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you ever feel like you’re working hard, but finding no enjoyment in what you’re doing? Do you sometimes feel like everything is just a big disaster?

I’ve come to realize from my own personal experiences, that these feelings happen because we get ourselves into situations where we lose sight of the big picture – why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Now, the reason I called my business The Freedom Shift is two-fold. I want to help people have a life of Freedom, and also, I want my own life of Freedom! With this in mind, I help people find business processes and systems that are going to aid in freeing up their time so they can live the life they want, rather than the one they have to.

So what does Freedom mean to you? To me it means being able to have the time to do the things I LOVE to do and in general, to LOVE my life. And let’s not forget about FUN! As many of you know, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your business and forget about fulfilling ourselves from within. I define FUN as fulfilling unmet needs.

So why is FUN important to you in your business? Here’s the thing, if you’re not having fun you’re going to get bogged down in fears, doubts and anxiety. However, the opposite of that is feeling happy, joyous and free. This is what we are always striving to do. So in reality we’re not in a business to make money, but rather in a business to feel happy, joyous, and free and let’s not forget Fulfilled!

So, let me walk you through an exercise to help put things in perspective. It won’t take too much time out of your day, but it will help put the FUN back into your life!

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Never, Never, Never Do These Things!

Hi, It’s Janet Clark here with this week’s episode of Janet Talks Business TV. I received an email this morning with a quote from Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy and he said, “Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new.”

And as I thought about this I realized that the challenges I face building my business are not unique to me . The truth is that for any entrepreneur, building a business is hard. It often feels a lot like taking one step forward and two steps backwards. Do you know what I mean? You do something that works and it feels great and you see things moving forward. And then “bam”, a setback and you have to pick yourself up and get back on the road again.

Let’s talk about how these 3 things work together – never stop investing, never stop improving, and never stop doing something new, here’s an example of what I’ve been going through.

A little over a year ago, when I started The Freedom Shift,  I made the investment in an expensive year long coaching program and then my coach told me to invest in technical help. Ouch! Making those investments  was a huge stretch for me. I didn’t have any clients or cash flow which meant I was investing money I didn’t have – using credit cards.

But I persevered and built a list and it took about 7 months to start seeing a return on my investment. Now that felt like a huge step forward.

But,  because “we can never stop improving” I continued to get better at selling my programs which meant I got too busy. Which meant I had to do something new, I had to invest in hiring a team. And that brought me right back out of my comfort zone – 2 steps backward – because now I was investing more than I was bringing in.  Now, it would have been easier to stop right there and just enjoy the income. But sitting still is death, because you can never stop improving. So, I had to re-invest it back into the business and hire a team. And that meant doing something totally new which was to create systems to automate our work flow.

These things are hard. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because to succeed as an entrepreneur means never give up!

Just because what you’re doing is hard, doesn’t mean it isn’t working. It just means that it isn’t as easy as you want it to be. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, but you know better. You will never stop investing, never stop improving, never stop doing something new and most of all, never give up!

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What I learned about Independence from my Dad

Hi, I’m Janet Clark, and it’s one day before the 4th of July here in the US – our Independence day.

My Dad has dementia, which makes me sad, but it’s also teaching me a lot about what freedom means.

My dad has lost many of his freedoms. He can’t walk outside anytime he chooses, he can’t drive a car, cook meals, or even eat what or when he wants.

He can’t learn new things, or  enjoy spending the money he earned over a lifetime of working. He can’t pick up a telephone and call his friends and family.

He lives in the moment. Some are moments of joy, some are moments of fear, some are moments of discomfort, some are moments of contentment.

So what are the lessons I am learning?

1. You are not your work. See my Dad was an executive, very respected, very successful (by corporate standards) and very well paid. He had hundreds of people working for him. Many of them considered him their mentor, many admired him, many respected him.  Yet now, my Dad is just one of the residents on the 1st floor.

2. You are not your money.  My Dad made plenty of money, which is, thankfully, affording him good care. But, frankly, money can’t buy back his freedoms.

3. There is Freedom in Loving. My Dad is still something special. He can’t remember a lot, but he knows the feeling of love. He loves someone to smile at him, he will smile right back. He loves a hug, a kiss & a touch. And he will reciprocate. He loves a sentimental greeting card, they bring tears to his eyes. He loves the “old songs”, he’ll sing right along. He loves to pray, he hasn’t forgotten how.

My Dad’s dementia has taught me to love more and worry less. That is the Freedom Shift I am making this Independence Day. How about you?

Sending Light & Love!


Are you beating your competition?

Hi, It’s Janet Clark here with you on Janet Talks Business TV. I have powerful message for you this week but it really isn’t coming from me, just through me.

This morning I read a quote that I loved, “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” The author of this quote is John Wooden and truthfully, I had no idea who he was. But I was inspired by the truth in this so I googled him. It turns out that he was One of the most revered coaches in the history of basketball, coaching for many years at UCLA. Wooden was beloved by his players and renowned for his short, simple inspirational messages which directed his players how to be a success in life as well as in basketball.

And reading further I discovered his definition of success: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

So this is what I would like to talk to you about today. Your Talent, Your Fame , Your Peace of Mind and Becoming the Best you are Capable of Becoming.

So what about competition? After all, that is today’s subject line, right? Are you beating your competition?

To answer that, we need to define “who is your competition?”. But first, let’s recall that definition of success “success is peace of mind, which is the direct result of self-satisfaction, in knowing you made the effort to become the best you are capable of becoming”.

So the keywords here are “peace of mind”, self-satisfaction, and “becoming the best you are capable of becoming”.

Where does it say that success means being better than someone else? What if that has nothing to do with success what-so-ever? Do you believe it is possible to have peace of mind, self-satisfaction, and become the best you are capable of being without it having anything to do with whether you did better or worse than someone else?

Let’s go back to the original quote I read: Talent is God given. Do you recognize the amazing talents you just have? Are you using them to their fullest potential?

Fame is man-given. Boy, do we know that. And we also know that it is fleeting and subjective and that we really aren’t in control of who likes us and who doesn’t. So where should you look for acceptance? If self-satisfaction is the real definition of success, then fame and popularity really won’t equal success.

And then there’s conceit. What is that about? Being excessively prideful and feeling better than someone else. Does that define success? I guess in our society, we have been taught that for someone to win, someone else has to lose. So where has that gotten us? Certainly not to that “peace of mind” that we all crave.

My message for you today, is really a request to figure out who or what is your competition. Does success for you mean winning a deal or stealing a client from someone else? Or are you striving for peace of mind, self-satisfaction and to become the best you are capable of being?

Letting go of “competition” with others, may be just the freedom shift you need right now.

Sending Light& Love


JTB TV | Your Mind is Your Key to Financial Freedom

Hi, I’m Janet Clark and we’re here on Janet Talks Business TV today to talk more about Financial Freedom.

Do you find yourself struggling to gain financial freedom, but believe it’s really an illusion?

Are you wondering why it looks so easy for others, but for you, it’s just not happening!

The answer lies in your own mind.

Every time you put your attention on the problems, the struggles and the disappointments, you manifest more of the same.

I know this sounds simple, but unless you become conscious of how your mind is causing you to become sick and tired, you will keep feeling sick and tired.

Here’s a little story from my own experience. Last week I received an email from someone I respected and admired, that felt harsh and accusatory.

Did you ever get a one or two liner that hits you like a ton of bricks? You know that feeling when it feels like you just got punched in the stomach and it takes a few minutes to recover your balance?

Well, that’s how I felt. And the worst part was that the person wasn’t interested in my point of view, just their own.

Which brought up feelings of defensiveness, anger and resentment in me. Which in turn led me to feel sick and tired and not like pushing forward toward my life of freedom.

An then my trusted advisor, said this to me “When you don’t like the problems that show up in your life and they are causing you to feel sick and tired, INTERRUPT THAT THOUGHT PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

Stop giving those thoughts your attention! Rather than allowing those thoughts to take over, think positively and passionately about the way you’d like your life to be. What  you focus your attention on, is the reality in your life”.

Thankfully, I have a trusted advisor to remind me how my mindset creates the reality in my life.

Aren’t you sick of letting your mind do this to you?

Here are 3 simple shifts that I made to interrupt the pattern of negative thinking.

These are simple and I know they will work for you just like they worked for me.

Because we CAN consciously create the life we dream about…so

#1: Become Conscious of What you are thinking. Recognize the path the mind is taking and make a decision to change it. Consciously tell the mind to “cancel that thought” and immediately replace it with a positive thought. This is a trick I learned from thought leaders and spiritual teachers and it works. Thoughts have energy, so what we think about is what we get.

#2: Seek out a Trusted Advisor: The people you choose to hang out with influence you whether you are conscious of it or not. Make a conscious choice to turn to someone who deposits value into your life.

#3: Change the scenery. I know that when my mind is troubled, if I continue to sit in my office at my computer trying to shift a worried mindset – things get better and not worse. Luckily for me, I was heading off to visit my family last weekend and attend a spiritual seminar. Shifting my focus from work, letting it all go and enjoying time with some little kids – my grandchildren and some older folks, my parents, allowed me to see a much bigger picture of life.

This weekend I felt free. Money was not a problem, I had enough. Time was not a problem, I had enough. Love was not a problem,  my life was overflowing with love.

Ahh, Freedom is in the moments of our lives. Enjoy yours and don’t let your mind tell you otherwise!

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Sending you Light & Love

Janet Clark

JTB TV Multiple Streams of Income

Hi, I’m Janet Clark with The Freedom Shift and we’re here today on Janet Talks Business TV to discuss how to create Multiple Income Streams in your business. 

Last week, I talked about gaining Financial Freedom with recurring revenue. If you missed it, the link is below.

So what do I mean by creating multiple streams of income for your business?

Let’s discuss multiple ways that coaches, consultants and speakers can monetize their business.

I’ll run through a list, and I may miss some things but you’ll get the gist.

1st and most obvious is one-on-one coaching. This is a great way to create a healthy income stream but it is labor intensive. Meaning that you have to spend time to make money. So to make what my coach calls “insane money” you would have to commit to a very full schedule. I recommend limiting one-on-one to between 5-10 high end clients.

2nd is group coaching. This is a great way to leverage your time. You can schedule one training call per week, or better yet, record a call to send out every week. And then offer limited one-on-one access.

3rd is Create a Membership Site. Some coaches charge a monthly fee for an Inner Circle or Insider group. This can be a great source of recurring revenue.

4th is Create a series of training videos and sell them as a package. These can be on your website and will produce income over and over again.

5th is to create a Podcast or Radio show and sell sponsorships – first you build up your audience, then sponsors will pay for plug on your show.

6th is to write a book and sell it

7th is to host live events or workshops which people pay to attend

8th is to become an affiliate for others and promote their products and services

And, as I said, there are probably more. Do you have any idea what the common denominator is to successfully creating one or more of these income streams?

If you said, and email list, you are right! And if you’ve been tuning in to me for any length of time, you aren’t surprised by that.

The list is your ticket to Freedom. If you don’t have an email list, it’s hard to attract ideal clients, no matter how many programs or products you have.

So if you are ready to build a list or if you’re not sure, book a chat with me at the link below and let’s figure out how you’re going to get started.

Next week, I’ll talk about different marketing strategies. Stay tuned…

Until then, I’m sending you light and Love,

Bye for now.

Janet Clark

JTB-TV Financial Freedom

Hi, I’m Janet Clark, here with you on Janet Talks Business TV and our subject today is financial freedom.

What does that mean to you? 

Here’s what it means to me:

If you’ve been part of the Freedom Shift community for awhile, you know a few things about me. If you’re new or just meeting me for the first time, let me share a few tidbits with you.

 I am an entrepreneur at heart. Here’s the definition of an entrepreneur  -

a person who organizes and operates a business taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

I spent many years in the corporate world, and even then I lived like an entrepreneur. I gravitated to the sales positions where the base salary was lower but the commission potential was higher. Being in sales also gave me time freedom and flexibility to manage my own time.

For the past 10 years, I’ve run my own business and here’s what financial freedom means to me in two words Recurring Revenue or sometimes called Residual Income.

What I mean by recurring revenue is monthly income that  continues to come in on a regular basis. The way to generate recurring revenue is to sell services on a contract basis.

Here’s an example. When an insurance agent sells a one year policy, they can depend on the monthly premiums to come for 12 months. When I had a telecom agency, I sold services on 3-year contracts, which meant I would receive a commission each month on the revenues that came in from that client every month for 3 years.

In a business coaching and consulting business, recurring revenue occurs when you  enroll clients into 6, 9, or 12 month programs. You can then rely on that income for the length of the contract. This is how I define financial freedom.

Knowing that each month there is a baseline of revenue coming into the company.

I sent a blog post out earlier this week describing how the Freedom Shift reached $10K in monthly income within 12 months of startup. The beauty of this that the 10K is recurring revenue, meaning it is the base line of income that we can expect over the next 6 months to 9 months. We don’t have to continually start each month at zero.

The  great thing about having a base income stream is the ability to continually invest a certain amount back into the business and also know there is plenty left over.

If you are ready to create a recurring income stream in your business and you would like to know the exact formula we used to create it – click the link below this video and schedule a chat with me.

Next week, I’ll share some secrets about creating multiple income streams. I just love being an entrepreneur, don’t you?

Sending You Light and Love! Tune in again next week.

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It’s not about the money, but it’s all about the money.

“The reason you become an entrepreneur is not about the money, BUT The way you succeed as an entrepreneur is all about the money”

I started working with an Inner Voice Coach – someone who could guide me in business and also who can provide me with spiritual guidance. When we started our work together, we were mostly focused on the business. I was asked to answer a series of questions that went something like this:

1.      What is the most profitable business?

2.      What offers the quickest sale cycle?

3.      Who offers the least purchasing resistance?

4.      Who provides the highest potential for repeat purchases?

5.      Who provides the highest potential for referrals?

6.      What groups do you LIKE and who will like you doing business with them on a regular basis?

What struck me when I got to the last question was that my answer wasn’t in line with the answers to the 5 questions before that. And so it came clear to me that “begin with the end in mind” was something that I would constantly have to re-assess as my business evolved.

So that’s why I say The reason you become an entrepreneur is not about the money – because I have to stay true to my purpose and keep that vision clear at all times. But the second half of that is what my business coach said to me and I quote

Please understand that it’s all right, not to have money is the primary motivation, but business is all about dollars and cents out in dollars and cents in and the difference is the difference between loss breakeven or profit. So while you may not want to have money is the primary motivation. It has to be an equal primary focus of any business, which is why I now say,  The way you succeed as an entrepreneur is all about the money.

So here are the 3 important points I want to leave you with today.

Create Your Vision

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Understand that your livelihood is a Business and you must put a business structure on it.

As always, I would love to speak with you. Just email me at and request a strategy session. Or feel free to email me your thoughts and comments.

Until Next week. Sending you Light and Love. And go work on that business.


Why You Don’t Stink at Sales – Part 2

Hi, it’s Janet Clark from The Freedom Shift, back this week on Janet Talks Business TV to further our discussion about selling.

How did you do? Last week, I suggested that you focus on improving your listening skills. If you missed that video, make sure you watch it, the link is right here :

Let’s go further into the Selling From the Heart process so that you can shift your mindset and behavior around selling.

I made a fundamental error when I started working with my list – I spent a lot of time designing my program and figuring out the components of my offer. I wrote out all the features and benefits I offered. And then I started telling people about them…it seemed so logical to me that if someone said “I need help launching my business”, then I would launch into telling them exactly how I would help them launch their business.

But that wasn’t the point at all. See, people have a lot of options when it comes to launching a business. There are coaches all over the internet, there are training programs and webinars and blogs with great information and steps to take.

What were people really looking for? Help to think through their strategy. Help to figure out who to hire as a coach. Help to figure out if they even need to hire a coach. Help to figure out if they can succeed as an entrepreneur. Help to believe in themselves. Help to overcome the resistance from their family. Help to stop procrastinating. See what I mean? Different people needed different solutions because each one has their own internal struggle going on.

Now that I understand this, I can be more helpful. So let me ask you, did you find out what each of your prospects really needs? What’s in the way? Why are they still stuck?

If you did uncover those things, then you are ready to provide them some feedback.

Here’s this week’s challenge. Come up with 3 options for them –

1. Of course, is to do nothing or keep doing what they are already doing

2. Is to do something other than your program -

3. Is to work with you.

Then write down what they could expect for RESULTS from each option.

1. For example, if they keep doing what they are already doing, they can expect the exact same results they are getting right now.

2. Maybe they could do a different program than yours but not get the same level of transformation – let’s use weight loss, maybe they could join weight watchers, lose the weight but not address the holistic approach that will actually make them feel happy, joyous & free.

3. They can work with you and completely shift their happiness, body image, relationships and overall success in life.

You get what I mean. I’m making you focus on results here – not the process. Tie the results back to what they told you they want and need.

Then get on the phone and have this dialogue with them. Without giving any details of your program. Ask them what results they want. Then ask them what would get in the way of working with you. This is where you will hear the objections.

For purposes of our training series, I’m going to suggest that you not respond to their objections on the call. Tell them, you completely understand their concerns. Ask them “are there other considerations?”, Let them talk. Your goal here is to find out every objection that is in the way and then to dig a bit deeper to find out if there is more.

So for example, if they say it’s a money issue. Say something like, “if the price were right, is there anything else that would stop you?” Or “what is the price point that would make it worth your while to do this?” Ask questions to figure out what really is stopping them. Once you feel you have all the objections, tell them you are going to think about some creative way to help them. And you’ll get back to them.

Next week, I’ll address how to deal with objections!

Until then, email me with questions or to request a chat. In fact, I’d love to see what objections come up, email them to me. Talk to you next week. Sending Light and Love.



Do You Stink at Sales? Part 1

Hi, it’s Janet Clark from The Freedom Shift, happy to be here with you on Janet Talks Business TV this week. So do you think you stink at sales? Well, let’s talk about that because if that is the way you are “thinking” then it’s time to shift that.

I’ve been in sales my entire life so you would think that I would be “great” at selling right? Some people think that way and then when they start a coaching, healing or consulting business they fall on their face.

Well, here’s a fact, all through my career I sold products, solutions and services that had no impact on changing people’s lives. That’s right – selling a phone system or a T-1 Internet connection or a Managed Technical Service, wasn’t going to have a life-changing effect on the decision maker (unless, of course, they bought a service that bombed and then lost their job because of it). But generally speaking, selling business to business, was different in 3 very major ways.

1st, as I mentioned, my solution was not life-changing for the individual

2nd, the person buying the solution was not using their own money – they were spending the company’s money

3rd, the product/solution I was selling was created and delivered by someone other than me, I was just the “sales person”

Now what happens when we become a coach, a healer or a consultant? Suddenly, we are playing a totally new game. Our prospects are now individuals who have a serious need and desire to make a life change. They have to invest their own hard-earned money to do that and you are presenting yourself as the solution.

Wow, can you see the difference? Let’s take a closer look at this from the prospects point of view. First of all, they have a pressing need to fix something in their life. When they take a call with us, they are truly seeking a solution. BUT, there is a huge amount of fear and doubt when it comes to making the investment – and it has nothing to do with you! They have to question whether they are actually going to do the work required once they spend the money. So putting the money out there isn’t so much a concern for whether your program will work, but if they are ready and willing to work your program!

So, what is happening to us, the solution provider, based on the inner battle they are experiencing? We start to feel rejected, less capable and paranoid. The fact that our prospects are raising objections about our services seems like they are objecting to us. And it feels much more personal because what we are selling isn’t someone else’s product, it’s our own expertise and knowledge.

Do you see how your “thinking” is causing you to believe that you stink at sales when in fact, your clients stink at making a decision to change their behavior. If you know you have an awesome weight loss program, and someone doesn’t sign up, is it because you can’t help them lose weight or because they can’t commit to work the program?

If I have a proven way to build a client list and sell to that list, and a client doesn’t sign up is it because my program doesn’t work?

So you get it. Now, how do you fix that? I’m going to give you tips over the next few weeks to shift the way you have a sales conversation. Rather than trying to make the mindset shift all at once, I’ll give you something to work on each week.

So for this week, your assignment is to work on your listening skills. As Steven Covey says in his book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood.

Don’t feel like you only have one shot at “selling” a client. In my model of Selling from the Heart, I encourage you to build rapport and get to know your prospects. Find out what they want and what’s in the way. Once you know this, you can then appreciate their inner conflict.

I challenge you to try this for one week. Set up some calls with your prospects. Then make a point to make “no offer” and “give no sales pitch” when you speak with them. Give them 20 minutes to just talk about their issue – what they have tried so far, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and what’s getting in their way. Hear them out. And then…set a follow up call for a week later. Tell them, you’d like to review your notes and craft a solution that might help them. Let them know that you aren’t sure you can help them, but you will get back to them next week with some ideas. It’s okay to leave them hanging…

Until next week. Sending you Light and Love. And as always, email me if you have questions or just a need to chat