Join Our Business Mastermind!


a 12-Month Business Support Program

With Janet Clark

What They’re Saying About Janet:

  • Janet, You’re an amazing woman! ~Asma Qureshi
  • You are a blessing in my life Janet, thank you for your genuine caring, it has touched me so deeply. ~Dianne McCown
  • Janet, I am looking for a creative and high end coach or consultant who knows how to get things done. You clearly do!  ~Jon Sarver
  • It is very generous of you to offer your time to these mastermind groups. That is a big commitment of your valuable time, not to mention the value of your expertise. ~Julie Henderson
  • Janet, I believe in you!! A startup with you on their side WILL succeed!  ~Kathleen Akins
  • I did the best presentations I have done in years. Makes a difference when you are working with positive vibes. Keep sending the light!! ~Carolyn Gibson
  • You really inspire me and I’m really glad to have met you. Somehow it gives me a feeling of security to know you, I don’t know why. ~Mia Spoland
  • I loved your video by the way, it really helped calm me and listen to my heart. ~Sarah Njie
  • Janet, You have such an inspirational energy! I’m sure it’s going to be great. ~Tia Kelley
  • I want to take a moment to thank you for producing such an excellent series on developing your personal and business objectives, and experiencing the Freedom Shift!  ~Steve Gallegos
  • Dear Janet, I feel really great to be inside this extraordinary community and I feel like at Home. ~Holger Kirchhof

The Intention:

Create unprecedented business breakthroughs in collaboration with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Who This Mastermind Is For

Coaches, Teachers & Healers

…who want to create synergy with colleagues and enhance their online presence

What to Expect From the Mastermind Group

In this program, you will receive: 

 · Monthly video training
· Membership in the private group
· Weekly business tips
· Brainstorming with the members of the group
· Periodic guest speaker webinars
· Introductions to experts in your field
· How to maximize the power of a Mastermind

business breakthrough 

How The Program Works

There are 3 parts: Coaching, Community, Commitment.
1. Coaching:
You get online coaching from me on a weekly basis where I will share knowledge and resources that will help you make breakthroughs in your business.

2. Community:
You’ll get access to a private online community of other entrepreneurs where you’ll be able to share your questions, ideas & challenges.

3. Your Commitment
Experiencing breakthroughs & success in this program requires.
  1. You commit to invest 30 focused minutes per week in the program:
  2. 15 minutes to read and respond to posts in our private community. Contact for invitation to join.
  3. 15 minutes to post your weekly update
  4. You commit to invest 30 additional minutes, once a month to watch a video training or interview.
  5. You commit to share your own business insights and actively listen to the insights of other.
  6. You respect the integrity and confidentiality of the group
  7. You agree that the success of the group hinges in your willingness to participate
  8. You agree to give as much as you take!

The Bottom Line

Your commitment is to invest at least 30 minutes per week in the program.

The intention is to create success stories about true livelihood breakthroughs, including yours!


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