JTB TV | Your Mind is Your Key to Financial Freedom

Hi, I’m Janet Clark and we’re here on Janet Talks Business TV today to talk more about Financial Freedom.

Do you find yourself struggling to gain financial freedom, but believe it’s really an illusion?

Are you wondering why it looks so easy for others, but for you, it’s just not happening!

The answer lies in your own mind.

Every time you put your attention on the problems, the struggles and the disappointments, you manifest more of the same.

I know this sounds simple, but unless you become conscious of how your mind is causing you to become sick and tired, you will keep feeling sick and tired.

Here’s a little story from my own experience. Last week I received an email from someone I respected and admired, that felt harsh and accusatory.

Did you ever get a one or two liner that hits you like a ton of bricks? You know that feeling when it feels like you just got punched in the stomach and it takes a few minutes to recover your balance?

Well, that’s how I felt. And the worst part was that the person wasn’t interested in my point of view, just their own.

Which brought up feelings of defensiveness, anger and resentment in me. Which in turn led me to feel sick and tired and not like pushing forward toward my life of freedom.

An then my trusted advisor, said this to me “When you don’t like the problems that show up in your life and they are causing you to feel sick and tired, INTERRUPT THAT THOUGHT PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

Stop giving those thoughts your attention! Rather than allowing those thoughts to take over, think positively and passionately about the way you’d like your life to be. What  you focus your attention on, is the reality in your life”.

Thankfully, I have a trusted advisor to remind me how my mindset creates the reality in my life.

Aren’t you sick of letting your mind do this to you?

Here are 3 simple shifts that I made to interrupt the pattern of negative thinking.

These are simple and I know they will work for you just like they worked for me.

Because we CAN consciously create the life we dream about…so

#1: Become Conscious of What you are thinking. Recognize the path the mind is taking and make a decision to change it. Consciously tell the mind to “cancel that thought” and immediately replace it with a positive thought. This is a trick I learned from thought leaders and spiritual teachers and it works. Thoughts have energy, so what we think about is what we get.

#2: Seek out a Trusted Advisor: The people you choose to hang out with influence you whether you are conscious of it or not. Make a conscious choice to turn to someone who deposits value into your life.

#3: Change the scenery. I know that when my mind is troubled, if I continue to sit in my office at my computer trying to shift a worried mindset – things get better and not worse. Luckily for me, I was heading off to visit my family last weekend and attend a spiritual seminar. Shifting my focus from work, letting it all go and enjoying time with some little kids – my grandchildren and some older folks, my parents, allowed me to see a much bigger picture of life.

This weekend I felt free. Money was not a problem, I had enough. Time was not a problem, I had enough. Love was not a problem,  my life was overflowing with love.

Ahh, Freedom is in the moments of our lives. Enjoy yours and don’t let your mind tell you otherwise!

I’m here for you anytime you want to connect. Just schedule a chat in the link below this message or email me janet@thefreedomshift.com

Let’s Chat! Even if we’ve spoken before, I’m more than happy to catch up!

Sending you Light & Love

Janet Clark


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