October 18, 2017

High Ticket Sales Alliance

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Are YOU a Sales MVP - Maverick, Visionary and Professional?

Maybe you're a high ticket salesperson looking for more exposure to coaches and consultants.

Or perhaps you're a coach or consultant selling your own high ticket programs who wants to take sales to the next level.

If so, I’m inviting you to join our elite high ticket "private members only" group, the High Ticket Sales Alliance.

This alliance is for you if you are ...

... a MAVERICK who is an independent thinker and a dynamic salesperson
... a VISIONARY who influences clients to make BIG moves in order to fulfill their dreams
... a PROFESSIONAL with highly specialized skills and real world sales experience

As salespeople, we thrive when we stay upbeat, positive and on top of our game.
We all need mentorship, community and systems for continuous improvement.

"Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher."
- Oprah Winfrey

Did you know there's a large number of high ticket coaches and consultants out there struggling to find experienced
high ticket salespeople to sell their programs?

To meet this pressing need, I have created a high ticket group called the High Ticket Sales Alliance for people just like you.

As a member of this exclusive group, you surround yourself with other top-producing salespeople who:

•  desire continuous improvement
•  strive to achieve greatness
•  empower you to grow
•  encourage you to think bigger
•  hold you accountable to your vision

Benefits of Membership:

•  Prestige: Be recognized and promoted as one of the few "elite" salespeople in the coaching/consulting world.
•  Networking: Be introduced to my network of 6- to 7- figure coaches and top sales professionals.
•  Environment: Be surrounded with and supported by other distinguished sales leaders. 
•  Education:  Be able to learn from "the best of the best" as you improve/enhance your skills/mindset and expand your professional knowledge.
•  Access: Be first to know the newest Insider tips, tricks and information about new ways to advance your business and make more money.

Membership Includes:

•  Your exclusive listing right here on our website so those with a need can find you.
•  Weekly LIVE member spotlights in our Facebook Group to increase your online visibility.
•  Monthly print publication, The Inside Edge, delivered right to your home.
•  Access to the restricted members area and private forum for personal and professional use.


•  Monthly LIVE Q&A calls with access to Janet and/or a guest expert.
•  1:1 coaching with Janet through a private online thread.
•  Training on various aspects of mindset and selling skills using classified materials in the members area.

So, why wait? You have nothing to lose and much to gain!It all starts with my webinar.
If you haven't seen it yet, register here.

"The High Ticket Sales Alliance was created to help resolve a pressing need in the marketplace. My clients and colleagues desperately need qualified salespeople to them grow and serve more clients. This elite gated group is dedicated to sales excellence - we attract the cream-of-the-crop. Everyone here walks their talk and knows the value of investing in their own personal and business growth."

I look forward to welcoming you into our exclusive circle as a peer MVP!
- Janet Clark