Don’t Take Your Greatness to the Graveyard

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Shift and Janet Talks Business TV. Today I am going to be very straight with you.

Because I know that you have a calling that doesn’t quit, it keeps coming back to you and that you know you have to fill it, why don’t you do it?

Last week I attended a 3-day conference with my coach and my mastermind group. It was an intensive training designed to push all of us to our next level of growth. Because no matter where we are on the path to creating a livelihood based on our life purpose, we have to keep pushing forward.

It’s interesting how until we take certain steps forward, we can’t see the next level or paths in front of us. We can’t step into our greatness unless we are willing to step past whatever is in the way.

You are going to keep hitting the same wall over and over again until you climb over it.

And you are going to keep hearing that nagging, inner voice from your soul calling you to greatness until you do something about it.

If you’re sitting there listening to this, and you know you have to do something, then ask yourself “if not now, when?”

And then hear this quote from Buddha “the trouble is you think you have time”.

So, I am challenging you today to make your move. Look, I know that building a business can be frustrating.  But you can’t make your life purpose your livelihood without a business strategy.

Many people think that if they just “try harder” they will finally get there. But you can only motivate yourself so far. You must have a mentor, a team and a community to help.

You need connection, you need inspiration and you need help getting things done. You also need someone who has already done it, to lead you.

This subject I’m talking about is vitally important. Don’t even think about what it would be like to reach the end of your life without making your big contribution. It’s not an option!

You are here to do something Great that ONLY YOU can contribute. Are you going to do it or are you going to keep “trying hard” and getting nowhere.

Listen, there are many coaches and coaching programs out there. Some are very expensive some are more affordable. Pick someone and get moving now.

Am I the right coach for you? Maybe or maybe not…but the fact is that if you feel inspired to work with me and build a list of ideal prospects, then go to the and sign up for the 90 Day Easy List Build program. It’s your chance to move ahead with a coach and a technical team.

But if you aren’t sure I can help you, then choose someone else. Either way. Make a move and get on the path to greatness.

One thing I learned last week, is that if I don’t enroll a client in their vision, I am not serving them. If you’re enrolled in your vision, nothing will get in the way of you doing it.

So if I allow you to procrastinate, I am failing you. And this means I am upping my game. I will be more emphatic with you. I don’t want to see you take your greatness to the graveyard.

If you feel uncomfortable, that’s a sign from the universe. Feeling pushed, frustrated or resistant – means you are fighting your own inner voice.

Just saying….

So, Email me and tell me what you need now to succeed.

Or schedule a chat using this link : 

Until next week, I’m sending you lots of Light and Love and a Resounding “Do IT”


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