Create Your Recurring Income System with Me

Hi, Janet Clark here on this week’s edition of Janet Talks Business TV. You are smart, and lucky to be here today, because I am announcing an opportunity that you will love. How would you like me to show you a step-by-step plan to create recurring income? Would you like to know exactly how to set up an automated system to deliver your training or coaching? Believe me, there is a way to build a lucrative cash flow foundation that is simple and will give you peace of mind and financial freedom.

Every entrepreneur struggles with inconsistent cash flow – they hit some high months and then they crash and burn. And why does this happen? It’s because they haven’t set up a recurring income program to generate cash flow every month.

Next week, I’m offering a 60-minute training program to show you how to get off this roller coaster. In the training you will learn a simple 5-step process for setting up your own Recurring Income Stream. I call this process RISE on UP! And you’ll learn why on the call.

Here at the Freedom Shift, our team has been stealthily working under the radar to create this system. We had only 2 goals – create a simple system to generate recurring income and make it easy to implement. I’m really excited to show you what we’ve come up with. We know it works, because we’re using it ourselves and we know it’s duplicatable. That’s the key. This recurring income system is your key to consistent cash flow every month.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the webinar:

· How to determine your ideal audience and program

· How to create the content for your program

· How to automate the program so that it is always “live”

· How to set up a sales system

· How to establish rolling enrollments

Right now, I’m offering you an early signup opportunity. Since we haven’t officially launched yet, we’re doing a free trial run next week and you’re invited. Just click on the link below this video and get on the list. You’ll be “IN” to attend for FREE!

Anyone who signs up this week, will get free access to the webinar and replay. I’ll email you the link next week and you can join live or listen in at your convenience. Sign up right now here.

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