JTB TV | Your Mind is Your Key to Financial Freedom

Hi, I’m Janet Clark and we’re here on Janet Talks Business TV today to talk more about Financial Freedom.

Do you find yourself struggling to gain financial freedom, but believe it’s really an illusion?

Are you wondering why it looks so easy for others, but for you, it’s just not happening!

The answer lies in your own mind.

Every time you put your attention on the problems, the struggles and the disappointments, you manifest more of the same.

I know this sounds simple, but unless you become conscious of how your mind is causing you to become sick and tired, you will keep feeling sick and tired.

Here’s a little story from my own experience. Last week I received an email from someone I respected and admired, that felt harsh and accusatory.

Did you ever get a one or two liner that hits you like a ton of bricks? You know that feeling when it feels like you just got punched in the stomach and it takes a few minutes to recover your balance?

Well, that’s how I felt. And the worst part was that the person wasn’t interested in my point of view, just their own.

Which brought up feelings of defensiveness, anger and resentment in me. Which in turn led me to feel sick and tired and not like pushing forward toward my life of freedom.

An then my trusted advisor, said this to me “When you don’t like the problems that show up in your life and they are causing you to feel sick and tired, INTERRUPT THAT THOUGHT PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

Stop giving those thoughts your attention! Rather than allowing those thoughts to take over, think positively and passionately about the way you’d like your life to be. What  you focus your attention on, is the reality in your life”.

Thankfully, I have a trusted advisor to remind me how my mindset creates the reality in my life.

Aren’t you sick of letting your mind do this to you?

Here are 3 simple shifts that I made to interrupt the pattern of negative thinking.

These are simple and I know they will work for you just like they worked for me.

Because we CAN consciously create the life we dream about…so

#1: Become Conscious of What you are thinking. Recognize the path the mind is taking and make a decision to change it. Consciously tell the mind to “cancel that thought” and immediately replace it with a positive thought. This is a trick I learned from thought leaders and spiritual teachers and it works. Thoughts have energy, so what we think about is what we get.

#2: Seek out a Trusted Advisor: The people you choose to hang out with influence you whether you are conscious of it or not. Make a conscious choice to turn to someone who deposits value into your life.

#3: Change the scenery. I know that when my mind is troubled, if I continue to sit in my office at my computer trying to shift a worried mindset – things get better and not worse. Luckily for me, I was heading off to visit my family last weekend and attend a spiritual seminar. Shifting my focus from work, letting it all go and enjoying time with some little kids – my grandchildren and some older folks, my parents, allowed me to see a much bigger picture of life.

This weekend I felt free. Money was not a problem, I had enough. Time was not a problem, I had enough. Love was not a problem,  my life was overflowing with love.

Ahh, Freedom is in the moments of our lives. Enjoy yours and don’t let your mind tell you otherwise!

I’m here for you anytime you want to connect. Just schedule a chat in the link below this message or email me

Let’s Chat! Even if we’ve spoken before, I’m more than happy to catch up!

Sending you Light & Love

Janet Clark


Do You Stink at Sales? Part 1

Hi, it’s Janet Clark from The Freedom Shift, happy to be here with you on Janet Talks Business TV this week. So do you think you stink at sales? Well, let’s talk about that because if that is the way you are “thinking” then it’s time to shift that.

I’ve been in sales my entire life so you would think that I would be “great” at selling right? Some people think that way and then when they start a coaching, healing or consulting business they fall on their face.

Well, here’s a fact, all through my career I sold products, solutions and services that had no impact on changing people’s lives. That’s right – selling a phone system or a T-1 Internet connection or a Managed Technical Service, wasn’t going to have a life-changing effect on the decision maker (unless, of course, they bought a service that bombed and then lost their job because of it). But generally speaking, selling business to business, was different in 3 very major ways.

1st, as I mentioned, my solution was not life-changing for the individual

2nd, the person buying the solution was not using their own money – they were spending the company’s money

3rd, the product/solution I was selling was created and delivered by someone other than me, I was just the “sales person”

Now what happens when we become a coach, a healer or a consultant? Suddenly, we are playing a totally new game. Our prospects are now individuals who have a serious need and desire to make a life change. They have to invest their own hard-earned money to do that and you are presenting yourself as the solution.

Wow, can you see the difference? Let’s take a closer look at this from the prospects point of view. First of all, they have a pressing need to fix something in their life. When they take a call with us, they are truly seeking a solution. BUT, there is a huge amount of fear and doubt when it comes to making the investment – and it has nothing to do with you! They have to question whether they are actually going to do the work required once they spend the money. So putting the money out there isn’t so much a concern for whether your program will work, but if they are ready and willing to work your program!

So, what is happening to us, the solution provider, based on the inner battle they are experiencing? We start to feel rejected, less capable and paranoid. The fact that our prospects are raising objections about our services seems like they are objecting to us. And it feels much more personal because what we are selling isn’t someone else’s product, it’s our own expertise and knowledge.

Do you see how your “thinking” is causing you to believe that you stink at sales when in fact, your clients stink at making a decision to change their behavior. If you know you have an awesome weight loss program, and someone doesn’t sign up, is it because you can’t help them lose weight or because they can’t commit to work the program?

If I have a proven way to build a client list and sell to that list, and a client doesn’t sign up is it because my program doesn’t work?

So you get it. Now, how do you fix that? I’m going to give you tips over the next few weeks to shift the way you have a sales conversation. Rather than trying to make the mindset shift all at once, I’ll give you something to work on each week.

So for this week, your assignment is to work on your listening skills. As Steven Covey says in his book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood.

Don’t feel like you only have one shot at “selling” a client. In my model of Selling from the Heart, I encourage you to build rapport and get to know your prospects. Find out what they want and what’s in the way. Once you know this, you can then appreciate their inner conflict.

I challenge you to try this for one week. Set up some calls with your prospects. Then make a point to make “no offer” and “give no sales pitch” when you speak with them. Give them 20 minutes to just talk about their issue – what they have tried so far, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and what’s getting in their way. Hear them out. And then…set a follow up call for a week later. Tell them, you’d like to review your notes and craft a solution that might help them. Let them know that you aren’t sure you can help them, but you will get back to them next week with some ideas. It’s okay to leave them hanging…

Until next week. Sending you Light and Love. And as always, email me if you have questions or just a need to chat


5 Steps to Create Your True Livelihood

Hi, I’m Janet Clark your host of Janet Talks Business TV and founder of The Freedom Shift. Today I am going to speak to you about a process I’ve gone through to Create my True Livelihood.

Are you wondering how to make your life purpose your livelihood? I was struggling with how to integrate my spiritual purpose with my business background. It’s no accident I was blessed to have an exciting corporate career managing and mentoring hundreds of sales people and managers. Or that I  then spent 10 years as an entrepreneur in the high tech world. I know and understand business strategy and how to implement it. I’m sure I’m supposed to use these skills.

However, over the past few years, I have been on a spiritual path and have a calling to bring meditation, manifestation and mindfulness into my programs. It wasn’t just important for me to start another business it was time for me to create a livelihood that fulfills me emotionally, spiritually and financially.

What about you? Since you are here, on my list, I’m sure you are like me in this area. You have a calling and you face a dilemma – how to fulfill your life’s purpose and make a living doing it. Actually, it’s a great problem to have because I can attest to the fact that YES you can do it. Yes, you can make a big contribution and make a living.

In some ways it feels counter-intuitive. You have a calling and often we associate making a contribution with charity. But, that isn’t really right — charity doesn’t always serve and you are called to serve. One of my favorite books is  The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. He says “The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration. Charity only sends them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their wretchedness, or gives them an entertainment to make them forget for an hour or two; but inspiration will cause them to rise out of their misery.

So there you have it. The exact reason why you have a responsibility to get your message out there and make your contribution. Your gifts are needed. Your inspiration is needed.

Here are the 5 steps that helped me shift my perception of work, gain clarity in my mission and then create and market my program.

  • Step 1: Soul searching and manifesting. – getting a clear vision of what my livelihood would look like including who I would serve, how I would feel, and seeing myself financially free
  • Step 2: Planning – getting a coach and mapping out a plan
  • Step 3: Focus – staying on track with my plan and doing the step-by-step work
  • Step 4: Working through resistance – recognizing that low energy and fears can only by staying connected to my vision, but taking small baby steps along the way
  • Step 5: Using my support system – remembering that a professional does not hesitate to ask for help

I hope this helps you if you are getting ready to create your true livelihood. I’m happy to help you make your plan to launch your livelihood. Email me at or schedule a chat with me at the link below.

Sending you Light and Love. Until next week.


The Day They Killed My Dream

Have you ever been fired? I have…

And let me tell you it felt like someone killed me.

Here’s the story,

I had a very important job working for an up and coming wireless company (no longer in business). It was a big job. I was in responsible for opening 3 retail locations, along with hiring and training the managers and staff. My charge was to select the malls, negotiate the leases, design the stores, manage the build-out, hire the managers & train them.

I loved it! Every minute of it. Except for the nagging pain in my neck – that was my boss.

I was a 40 years old with over 15 years of management experience and used to a lot of autonomy. He was a 29 years old in his first management position, barely out of graduate school.

To say he was a micro-manager would be an understatement.

I did my best to humor him, but mostly I just did my work and tried to impress him with my excellence. I figured he see how awesome I was and leave me alone. After all, no one else could do the job the way I was doing it and I knew I was making him look good.

The stores I was building, the teams I was hiring, and the plans I was making were amazing. I was invested in my work emotionally, physically and mentally – morning, noon, and night!

And then the ax fell on my head. I woke up on a crisp sunny Tuesday morning one  week before Thanksgiving. It was crunch time because the flagship store on exclusive Newberry Street in Boston, was set to open on Black Friday. We were planning a huge gala event there was still a lot to do.

I  jumped into my company car, and drove 40 minutes to my office. As I sped along, I made a series of phone calls, making sure that my team and the contractors were all “on the job” doing their important work.  This upcoming “grand opening” was my baby and I was going to make sure nothing went wrong.

As soon as I arrived at the office, I noticed an eerie feeling…The receptionist at the front desk said “Janet, Daniel (my boss) wants you to meet him in the conference room.”

Have you ever walked into a room, expecting one thing and finding a totally different experience? It’s like a “surprise party”, when you think you’re visiting someone and a whole group jumps up and yells “surprise!”

Yes, that’s what it was like – except that this group, sitting around the conference table, all just looked at me in silence…dead silence!

And then they killed my dream!

I’m not sure who said what. I don’t know what words were spoken. All I know is that a decision was made. I no longer worked for the company…blah, blah, blah!

And in my head a resounding “NO”. This can’t be real. This can’t be happening. This isn’t possible.


I can’t begin to describe the emptiness. But that’s not the point of this story.

What is important is that the universe  throws us curve balls and when it does we go into shock. Everyone experiences this at different times throughout a lifetime.

How does one go on when their dream is shattered? In the big scheme of things, losing a job is nothing, compared with a losing a loved one….

But, in some ways it is a death. For me, it was the death of the “me” that I had created…

Letting go of that identity wasn’t easy.

And it only in hindsight that I truly see that for something new to grow, something had to die. Yes, that dream job had to die in order for me to embark on a new path that led me where I am today. Did I know that then? No and it hurt and it was my first big life crisis.

I now see the part I played in creating that situation – Did “they” do that to me or was there something “in me” that did it? Yes, something was not right and deep inside knew it – I guess you could say that my soul knew it. Together with the universe, we create our reality. And when things are not as they should be, the universe has a way of putting challenges in our life. What this really meant was that I needed to shift gears because my heart & soul were not in alignment with my head that was telling me that something was right for me when it really wasn’t.

The truth is that I went on a different path into a better job where my heart, soul, body and mind were in alignment.

Did that happen easily or smoothly? Not at all. It took me some time to grieve, to feel angry and to blame others. What I know now is that it was a process – and one that I’ve had to go more than once. But as I have become more in tune with my essential self, or soul, I am able to get through these transitions with more faith and hope. Because I can honestly say that there has always been something better on the other side of a broken dream.

If you need a word of encouragement or just someone to listen, I am here. eMail me at or call my cellphone 508 641-1142

Sending you Love & Light. Remember, the universe is unfolding as it should.

See you next week!


5 Reasons You are Not Making Money

Hi, It’s Janet Clark here, and this is the weekly blog edition of Janet Talks Business TV. Today I’m going to share the 5 reasons why most entrepreneurs don’t make money.

  1. No Clarity – You have a dream, a passion and purpose but you have no idea how to turn that into a business. Because there is no clarity, there is no action – because let’s face it, you have no idea what you’re supposed to be working on. I talk to people every day who are in some form of busy work – they are making a website, they are working social media, they are writing blogs, they are creating programs – but the fact is that they have no plan, no roadmap and no idea if what they are doing is getting them anywhere. They have no idea who is going to read the blog, look at their website, buy their programs or read their posts.
  2. Indecision – Being in business requires quick decision making. There isn’t time to wait until “things get better”. Things won’t get better without quick action which requires a decision to make a move. If you are still floundering around without a coach, you aren’t moving forward and you won’t make money. Everyone needs a coach – who you choose is your personal decision, but listening to more webinars, looking for more ideas, getting more training, trying it for awhile longer on your own, is why you’re not making money
  3. No Marketing Strategy – Let’ face it – if you’re not getting your message out, you won’t make money. Not to mention that you also won’t be helping the people in the world who need your services and can’t find you. Every business needs a plan. Without a strategy, you have a dream, not a business.
  4. No Team – If you are trying to do everything in your business, you won’t make money. You must find people who can do things for you so that you can do what you should be doing. Your time is money and you must leverage your time. If you should be speaking or teaching or healing – and you’re creating websites, writing emails, doing social media etc. – then you’re not making money
  5. Not Asking for Money – And I don’t mean this in a salesy or pushy way. But if you aren’t talking to people every day about your services, you aren’t showing people how you can help them get what they want, and then asking them to invest in themselves through your program, you’re not making money.

I feel so strongly about helping you with these 5 things, that I am willing to offer you a free session to get you on track with clarity, decision making, strategy, team options and a sales plan. Do yourself a favor and make a plan. You will love making money.

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Sending you Light and Love.

Janet Clark


Money Matters

Hi, I’m Janet with The Freedom Shift, here today on Janet Talks Business TV to discuss money matters. Does money matter? It’s an interesting question because, on the surface, the answer seems obvious. Of course, it matters. Money is basic to our survival, we need it for food, clothing and shelter. But more importantly, it buys us freedom and allows us to have more time to engage in a lifestyle of our choice.What I have discovered, however, is that money, whether in abundance or lack, is a big factor in how we view ourselves and how we behave. And our relationship with money carries over to our relationship with ourselves. Meaning that if you live in lack of money, of you will live in lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, and lack of positive motivation. In other words, if your money mindset is to hang on to what you’ve got, you’ll never get ahead.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there myself. And because I’ve talked to you, or at least more than 100 of you!

Here’s a quick story about me and money – From an early age, I was determined to have money – it represented independence to me. Even when I married and had 4 sons, I always worked so that I wouldn’t feel dependent on my husband. My mentality was “no matter what happens, I will be able to take care of myself and my children”. Fast forward a few years, when my oldest son Dan, was 15, my twin sons, Mike & Dave, 14 and my youngest, Rob, 11. All of a sudden, life with 3 teenagers and a pre-teen began to unravel. They became too old to leave with babysitters and too vulnerable to trust on their own. My oldest son was gravitating to trouble and the household was not running smoothly which was impacting the other 3 kids. It became very clear that unless I wanted the kid to end up in serious trouble, I had to leave my corporate career and spend some time helping him grow up.

That was a scary decision – but I was more scared not to do it for my son’s sake. Drawing on the entrepreneur skills that I have, I decided to start a business where my sons could work with me. The business was called Dynamic Discoveries, and we sold motivational pictures and items in malls. You know those carts in the center of the mall? Well, we had those in a couple of malls. We would order posters and cards, buy frames wholesale, and frame them at our kitchen table. We would then box them up, inventory them and bring them to the cart. My husband bought our first computer and figured out how to use Quick Books to track our inventory and sales. The boys all helped with the framing and they all worked at the cart. There are a lot of stories and lessons learned from those few years but my focus today is on the money aspect of this story.

Over the course of 3 years, I racked up over $100,000 in credit card debt. So to say the business wasn’t profitable, would be an understatement. But I do credit it with saving my son’s life and bonding us all as a family. It also taught all of my sons the value of working and earning money. See, they all made money because I paid them for their work, including commissions for sales they made – they had no idea that the money was coming from credit cards! Because my husband was still working, we paid our household bills, but everything else was put on the cards. There was something else I did during this time and that was further my education. Because I had time, I was able to get my Master’s degree and the payments for that were charged also.

So, when it was time for Dan to go to college, here I was without a job and $100,000 in debt. Did I have a few sleepless nights? You bet. But I prayed and I took action. Here’s what I found when I went deep inside of myself, a KNOWING with all of my being that I was going to pay it off. A BELIEF that I would find an awesome six-figure job. I NEVER doubted that I had made the right decision. I did not ALLOW myself to feel ashamed or embarrassed about the debt. In fact, I was GRATEFUL that I was able to rely on it to get me through. I CELEBRATED it as an INVESTMENT in all of my sons’ education and in our joy of working together.

Fast forward…yes, I got a 6-figure job, yes, my sons all grew up and now have families of their own. I paid off all my debt, built another business that was profitable, and then decided I wanted a more purpose based livelihood. 6 months ago I launched The Freedom Shift, to help entrepreneurs like you discover how to have more time, more money and live a life of Freedom.

And over the past few months, I’ve talked with over 100 of you. And here’s something amazing. You all want freedom. You are totally motivated to share your gifts with others. You want to help. You are passionate. And on every single call I hear the same thing “ I can’t afford it”.

My question to you is “What can’t you afford and Why? “ Your Money Matters are deeply rooted in your psyche and if you are going to be successful at business, you must face them, talk about them and resolve them.

I invite you to click on the link below to schedule a F.R.E.E. 30-minute Money Matters Session with me. I will help you discover the blocks and show you some simple ways to move forward.

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Tune in next week for more about Money Matters.

Sending you Light and Love.

Janet Clark

What’s Your Game Changer?

Hi it’s Janet Clark with Janet Talks Business TV.  Last week we talked about creating a livelihood and today I want to tell you a quick story about a woman (kid, really, she is 24) who is making her dreams happen.

As many of you know, I just moved to Florida from Massachusetts. Now I have short hair, so I have to get it cut quite frequently and yesterday was one of those days.

Being new to town, I have no stylist so I looked in Sunday’s newspaper to check the ads. One that I saw for The Salon Professional Academy which is a cosmetology school that offers full service hair and nail by it’s students.
The concept intrigued me and the fact that they were offering same day appointments and very reasonable prices, I decide to give it a try. After all, my hair grows fast so what the heck?

Since the rates were pretty cheap, I decided to do a full spa afternoon and get the color, cut, highlights, manicure & pedicure. For those who know me, I don’t typically indulge in “girls day out” but what the heck. It’s been a stressful few weeks moving.

I was “assigned to Ashley” a perky 24 year old who was going to do all the services. She would be “checked” by an educator as she went along. I relaxed into the experience and started chit chatting with her.

I learned that she is 24 years old, has a 5-year old daughter and a husband unable to work because he’s sick with Crohn’s disease. Not only is she going to school full time, she also has 3 of her nephews living with her because they were abandoned by her sister, their mother.

Ashley has never had a job that paid more than minimum wage. She doesn’t know her father and was brought up with 4 siblings by a single mom, who worked minimum wage jobs . They had what they needed by no extras. No one in her entire family graduated from high school. She quit at 16. You get the picture! This girl has struggled and continues to struggle. She has no role models for success. But here is the inspiring thing!

Ashley got pregnant at 18 and then when her daughter was 3 they were in a car accident that should have killed both of them. However, a miracle saved them from being crushed inside the car. That was the game-changer for Ashley.
She decided to make something of her life. She got her GED. She found the Salon Professional Academy and knew she needed to become a cosmetologist.

And, Here’s where the story relates to us as entrepreneurs. I asked her how much the program costs and she told me it’s $16,000 for 9 months. I said “wow, that’s steep, how did you pay for it?”.

This is what blew me away –“ I borrowed from everyone I know. I took out loans. Once I knew this was what I would love to do, I had to find a way. ”. I’ll pay it back but I know that some stylists make 6 digits! That will be me.

Now here’s a girl who has NEVER made more than minimum wage, has no family history of abundance, and she found $16,000 to build her dream. In her case, it took a brush with death.

If she can do it, so can you! Whatever your dream is, find a way. When you find the right coach, hire him or her. Get your butt in gear. Believe in yourself and Go For IT.

Creating a Livelihood

Hi it’s Janet from the Freedom Shift and we are here on Janet Talks Business TV.  Last week I talked to you about happiness and how it relates to your business. This week I want to go a little further in explaining to you how this transformation took place in me. How going from a business that was strictly a business that was for-profit, and to make money,  and to provide me with the things that I wanted materially, to transforming into a life of purpose business.

So what happened was I got this overwhelming sensation of not being happy and really there was no reason for it. Here I was with four grown children, who were all in relationships and doing well. I had six grandchildren, I now have seven, and I had a husband.  I have a beautiful home on Cape Cod Massachusetts, which is a resort area, and I have another home also. And , I had a business that was creating residual income.

I should have, for all intents and purposes, been very happy, however there was something missing that was causing me to feel this overwhelming desire to find out what was wrong with me.  I can’t tell you how many times I said “I’m just not happy”. So I went on a spiritual journey and that’s how it started.  I learned to meditate, then I learned to forgive myself. I learned to stop looking outside of myself for the things that we’re going to fulfill me and make me feel inspired. 

I shifted my life and through that spiritual journey, I was able to see that I had all these talents and experiences from my past, through my corporate experience, through my 10 years as an entrepreneur and that I really felt a strong urge to help other people. I knew I should be able to turn this need I had to be connected with other people and feel like I was making a contribution to the universe, into a livelihood so that I could also continue to live the life or freedom that I had.

This meant financial freedom, time freedom, and being able to go where I wanted and do what I wanted with who I wanted. That was all still really important to me especially with this growing family I have and the fact that they’re all spread out to different states. So that’s how I came to realize that I needed to use my own strengths and my experience and my background and create a business that is actually fulfilling my purpose.

I have a bigger mission here which is helping others and utilizing those skills that I had in business. And so that’s my message to you today. If you have that feeling within you that your called to do more in the universe and that you want to be part of this evolution of consciousness that we’re all hearing about so much, and you want to be a do your part and create an enlightened business,  then I can help you by sharing what I’ve been through to create my enlightened  business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Underneath this video, is a Facebook form where you can fill in your comments. I would just love to hear from you. You can also email me and that would be and let’s have a dialogue about what it would take for you to get into a business where you would feel that you were actually living your purpose. And that your business your purpose are combined to create a livelihood. I would love to be a part of helping you to figure that all out.

So until next week when I am back with Janet Talks Business TV, I wish you light and love and we will talk again very soon.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and have a great week!


Happiness in Business

Hi, its Janet Clark founder of the freedom shift and I am here on Janet Talks Business TV today with the subject of happiness.

Now for a lot of people, they don’t necessarily associate business and happiness together, but I’m here to tell you a little story about how I came to start the freedom shift and how it all ties in with the happiness and joy that I feel in my life right now.

So it really started about three years ago as I was driving down the street one day on the highway driving, probably about seventy miles an hour, going God knows where and I just had this thought that just came so vividly into my mind, and it was “I am not happy”.

Now from are outside appearances that was ridiculous because I had a business, that business was called Integrated Communications, I’d been running that business for ten years, in fact it pretty much ran itself. It was a residual income business so there was money coming in every month and I didn’t have to do a lot to maintain the business.

But the fact of the matter was that I did not want to do anything that had to do with that business. I just was not excited about it at all and it really felt almost like drudgery. On the other hand, I also have a wonderful family, four grown sons and each of them in a nice relationship and grandchildren. I’m married, I have a nice home in a resort area at the beach on Cape Cod mass and I have another home and I just had no reason not to be happy.

But I wasn’t, and what came clear to me after some work was that I really wasn’t living on purpose. I really wasn’t in touch with my soul’s purpose. I wasn’t doing meaningful work, something that felt like what I came here to do, and I wasn’t being emotionally, mentally or intellectually stimulated in a way that was making me feel that I could get into that flow.

For those of you who have heard me talk before about flow it’s that feeling where you’re doing something and you’re so caught up in the joy that it doesn’t feel like time has any bearing on it, and it’s almost like there is no time. It’s just being in the flow.

I’m going to talk a little more about this as we go on with our series on Janet Talks Business TV because it’s part of your discovery also. If the business that you’re in is not bringing you joy then it does not make sense for you to be doing it because this life is short and you do have a purpose.

So as we go on in the next few weeks, I’ll talk to you a little bit more about my spiritual process that I’ve gone through and how I came to create a new business model, and it really has evolved over the last couple of years, and it’s still evolving which is really exciting because you’re part of it.

And as much as I want to help you to grow your business, I also appreciate so much that you are helping me to grow my business and together we will be “masterminding” as I like to call it, sharing each other’s ideas and creating a synergy that on will put us into flow, which is just really exciting.

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