JTB TV | Your Mind is Your Key to Financial Freedom

Hi, I’m Janet Clark and we’re here on Janet Talks Business TV today to talk more about Financial Freedom.

Do you find yourself struggling to gain financial freedom, but believe it’s really an illusion?

Are you wondering why it looks so easy for others, but for you, it’s just not happening!

The answer lies in your own mind.

Every time you put your attention on the problems, the struggles and the disappointments, you manifest more of the same.

I know this sounds simple, but unless you become conscious of how your mind is causing you to become sick and tired, you will keep feeling sick and tired.

Here’s a little story from my own experience. Last week I received an email from someone I respected and admired, that felt harsh and accusatory.

Did you ever get a one or two liner that hits you like a ton of bricks? You know that feeling when it feels like you just got punched in the stomach and it takes a few minutes to recover your balance?

Well, that’s how I felt. And the worst part was that the person wasn’t interested in my point of view, just their own.

Which brought up feelings of defensiveness, anger and resentment in me. Which in turn led me to feel sick and tired and not like pushing forward toward my life of freedom.

An then my trusted advisor, said this to me “When you don’t like the problems that show up in your life and they are causing you to feel sick and tired, INTERRUPT THAT THOUGHT PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

Stop giving those thoughts your attention! Rather than allowing those thoughts to take over, think positively and passionately about the way you’d like your life to be. What  you focus your attention on, is the reality in your life”.

Thankfully, I have a trusted advisor to remind me how my mindset creates the reality in my life.

Aren’t you sick of letting your mind do this to you?

Here are 3 simple shifts that I made to interrupt the pattern of negative thinking.

These are simple and I know they will work for you just like they worked for me.

Because we CAN consciously create the life we dream about…so

#1: Become Conscious of What you are thinking. Recognize the path the mind is taking and make a decision to change it. Consciously tell the mind to “cancel that thought” and immediately replace it with a positive thought. This is a trick I learned from thought leaders and spiritual teachers and it works. Thoughts have energy, so what we think about is what we get.

#2: Seek out a Trusted Advisor: The people you choose to hang out with influence you whether you are conscious of it or not. Make a conscious choice to turn to someone who deposits value into your life.

#3: Change the scenery. I know that when my mind is troubled, if I continue to sit in my office at my computer trying to shift a worried mindset – things get better and not worse. Luckily for me, I was heading off to visit my family last weekend and attend a spiritual seminar. Shifting my focus from work, letting it all go and enjoying time with some little kids – my grandchildren and some older folks, my parents, allowed me to see a much bigger picture of life.

This weekend I felt free. Money was not a problem, I had enough. Time was not a problem, I had enough. Love was not a problem,  my life was overflowing with love.

Ahh, Freedom is in the moments of our lives. Enjoy yours and don’t let your mind tell you otherwise!

I’m here for you anytime you want to connect. Just schedule a chat in the link below this message or email me

Let’s Chat! Even if we’ve spoken before, I’m more than happy to catch up!

Sending you Light & Love

Janet Clark


It’s not about the money, but it’s all about the money.

“The reason you become an entrepreneur is not about the money, BUT The way you succeed as an entrepreneur is all about the money”

I started working with an Inner Voice Coach – someone who could guide me in business and also who can provide me with spiritual guidance. When we started our work together, we were mostly focused on the business. I was asked to answer a series of questions that went something like this:

1.      What is the most profitable business?

2.      What offers the quickest sale cycle?

3.      Who offers the least purchasing resistance?

4.      Who provides the highest potential for repeat purchases?

5.      Who provides the highest potential for referrals?

6.      What groups do you LIKE and who will like you doing business with them on a regular basis?

What struck me when I got to the last question was that my answer wasn’t in line with the answers to the 5 questions before that. And so it came clear to me that “begin with the end in mind” was something that I would constantly have to re-assess as my business evolved.

So that’s why I say The reason you become an entrepreneur is not about the money – because I have to stay true to my purpose and keep that vision clear at all times. But the second half of that is what my business coach said to me and I quote

Please understand that it’s all right, not to have money is the primary motivation, but business is all about dollars and cents out in dollars and cents in and the difference is the difference between loss breakeven or profit. So while you may not want to have money is the primary motivation. It has to be an equal primary focus of any business, which is why I now say,  The way you succeed as an entrepreneur is all about the money.

So here are the 3 important points I want to leave you with today.

Create Your Vision

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Understand that your livelihood is a Business and you must put a business structure on it.

As always, I would love to speak with you. Just email me at and request a strategy session. Or feel free to email me your thoughts and comments.

Until Next week. Sending you Light and Love. And go work on that business.


Do You Stink at Sales? Part 1

Hi, it’s Janet Clark from The Freedom Shift, happy to be here with you on Janet Talks Business TV this week. So do you think you stink at sales? Well, let’s talk about that because if that is the way you are “thinking” then it’s time to shift that.

I’ve been in sales my entire life so you would think that I would be “great” at selling right? Some people think that way and then when they start a coaching, healing or consulting business they fall on their face.

Well, here’s a fact, all through my career I sold products, solutions and services that had no impact on changing people’s lives. That’s right – selling a phone system or a T-1 Internet connection or a Managed Technical Service, wasn’t going to have a life-changing effect on the decision maker (unless, of course, they bought a service that bombed and then lost their job because of it). But generally speaking, selling business to business, was different in 3 very major ways.

1st, as I mentioned, my solution was not life-changing for the individual

2nd, the person buying the solution was not using their own money – they were spending the company’s money

3rd, the product/solution I was selling was created and delivered by someone other than me, I was just the “sales person”

Now what happens when we become a coach, a healer or a consultant? Suddenly, we are playing a totally new game. Our prospects are now individuals who have a serious need and desire to make a life change. They have to invest their own hard-earned money to do that and you are presenting yourself as the solution.

Wow, can you see the difference? Let’s take a closer look at this from the prospects point of view. First of all, they have a pressing need to fix something in their life. When they take a call with us, they are truly seeking a solution. BUT, there is a huge amount of fear and doubt when it comes to making the investment – and it has nothing to do with you! They have to question whether they are actually going to do the work required once they spend the money. So putting the money out there isn’t so much a concern for whether your program will work, but if they are ready and willing to work your program!

So, what is happening to us, the solution provider, based on the inner battle they are experiencing? We start to feel rejected, less capable and paranoid. The fact that our prospects are raising objections about our services seems like they are objecting to us. And it feels much more personal because what we are selling isn’t someone else’s product, it’s our own expertise and knowledge.

Do you see how your “thinking” is causing you to believe that you stink at sales when in fact, your clients stink at making a decision to change their behavior. If you know you have an awesome weight loss program, and someone doesn’t sign up, is it because you can’t help them lose weight or because they can’t commit to work the program?

If I have a proven way to build a client list and sell to that list, and a client doesn’t sign up is it because my program doesn’t work?

So you get it. Now, how do you fix that? I’m going to give you tips over the next few weeks to shift the way you have a sales conversation. Rather than trying to make the mindset shift all at once, I’ll give you something to work on each week.

So for this week, your assignment is to work on your listening skills. As Steven Covey says in his book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood.

Don’t feel like you only have one shot at “selling” a client. In my model of Selling from the Heart, I encourage you to build rapport and get to know your prospects. Find out what they want and what’s in the way. Once you know this, you can then appreciate their inner conflict.

I challenge you to try this for one week. Set up some calls with your prospects. Then make a point to make “no offer” and “give no sales pitch” when you speak with them. Give them 20 minutes to just talk about their issue – what they have tried so far, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and what’s getting in their way. Hear them out. And then…set a follow up call for a week later. Tell them, you’d like to review your notes and craft a solution that might help them. Let them know that you aren’t sure you can help them, but you will get back to them next week with some ideas. It’s okay to leave them hanging…

Until next week. Sending you Light and Love. And as always, email me if you have questions or just a need to chat


Why Don’t You Just Quit?

Hi I’m Janet Clark, here on Janet Talks Business TV with our weekly blog.

So, Why Don’t You Just Quit?

That is exactly what the pesky voices in my head were saying to me last week. In fact they were screaming so loud, I could hardly hear my “inner voice” – that one that’s calling me to step up and do something bigger with my life.

No, Those other voices – I call them my “mind” talking were loudly saying things like “you don’t need to do this”, “it’s too hard”, “there’s too many obstacles”, “there’s an easier way to make money”.

See, last week, I faced some technology issues that were downright annoying and very aggravating. I won’t go into all the details here for the sake of time. Let me just say “I’m sorry”, to those who tried to get on the 12-Month Client Attraction Plan webinar. It was a disaster, and then my computer crashed the next day and the re-recording was lost, in fact the entire presentation was lost. All in all, whatever work I did last week, I pretty much have to do all over again this week.

Have you ever lost an entire week of work because of some unexpected glitch? Maybe you get sick. Or someone you love has a crisis. Maybe your computer crashes. Or you have to go to a funeral… This stuff happens all the time.

And it’s really hard, especially for us entrepreneurs who are building businesses. We don’t have a company behind us to pay us for sick time or personal time. Another thing that’s hard is when our loved ones would just as soon we take the advice of our “mind voices”, in fact sometimes they “chime right in and say the same things from the outside”. Now I’m not saying that my family isn’t “supportive” of my business, but truthfully, because they love me, they don’t want to see me struggle. They want my life to be easier so they wonder out loud “why are you putting yourself through so much to build a business when you could just get a job”.

It is all we can do sometimes to just hang on and stay in touch with our inner voice or our “big why”. So here’s why I didn’t quit.

I am on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible make their life purpose their livelihood. If I quit, I will have no peace of mind. That inner voice will still be there, nudging me to do what I came here to do.

I believe it’s the same for you. If you don’t pursue your dream, you won’t find inner peace and joy.

And I also remember (from past experience) that it’s challenging to start a business, I did it 10 years ago and the 1st 2 years are a struggle.

But I also remember that there it is worth it. I recall the personal power and autonomy it gave me.

I remember being free to go where I wanted, when I wanted and make my own schedule.

And I know what financial freedom is and that is the way I’ll be able to help more people.

So, here I am, staying in the moment and sending you light and love.

If you need a word of support and some empathy along your journey – email me at or schedule a chat with me at this link .

If you’re out there waiting for me to layout your 12 Month Client Attraction Plan, know that I will send another invite later this week.

No quitting! Talk to you next week.

Eban Pagan
Well, our Hangout was great, but we seem to have broken the internet again…
 We had so much traffic coming in that we crashed our server. Sorry about that.
 I haven’t had that happen in years. It’s always humbling to have technology show your… “human” fallibility!



5 Steps to Create Your True Livelihood

Hi, I’m Janet Clark your host of Janet Talks Business TV and founder of The Freedom Shift. Today I am going to speak to you about a process I’ve gone through to Create my True Livelihood.

Are you wondering how to make your life purpose your livelihood? I was struggling with how to integrate my spiritual purpose with my business background. It’s no accident I was blessed to have an exciting corporate career managing and mentoring hundreds of sales people and managers. Or that I  then spent 10 years as an entrepreneur in the high tech world. I know and understand business strategy and how to implement it. I’m sure I’m supposed to use these skills.

However, over the past few years, I have been on a spiritual path and have a calling to bring meditation, manifestation and mindfulness into my programs. It wasn’t just important for me to start another business it was time for me to create a livelihood that fulfills me emotionally, spiritually and financially.

What about you? Since you are here, on my list, I’m sure you are like me in this area. You have a calling and you face a dilemma – how to fulfill your life’s purpose and make a living doing it. Actually, it’s a great problem to have because I can attest to the fact that YES you can do it. Yes, you can make a big contribution and make a living.

In some ways it feels counter-intuitive. You have a calling and often we associate making a contribution with charity. But, that isn’t really right — charity doesn’t always serve and you are called to serve. One of my favorite books is  The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. He says “The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration. Charity only sends them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their wretchedness, or gives them an entertainment to make them forget for an hour or two; but inspiration will cause them to rise out of their misery.

So there you have it. The exact reason why you have a responsibility to get your message out there and make your contribution. Your gifts are needed. Your inspiration is needed.

Here are the 5 steps that helped me shift my perception of work, gain clarity in my mission and then create and market my program.

  • Step 1: Soul searching and manifesting. – getting a clear vision of what my livelihood would look like including who I would serve, how I would feel, and seeing myself financially free
  • Step 2: Planning – getting a coach and mapping out a plan
  • Step 3: Focus – staying on track with my plan and doing the step-by-step work
  • Step 4: Working through resistance – recognizing that low energy and fears can only by staying connected to my vision, but taking small baby steps along the way
  • Step 5: Using my support system – remembering that a professional does not hesitate to ask for help

I hope this helps you if you are getting ready to create your true livelihood. I’m happy to help you make your plan to launch your livelihood. Email me at or schedule a chat with me at the link below.

Sending you Light and Love. Until next week.


Don’t Take Your Greatness to the Graveyard

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Shift and Janet Talks Business TV. Today I am going to be very straight with you.

Because I know that you have a calling that doesn’t quit, it keeps coming back to you and that you know you have to fill it, why don’t you do it?

Last week I attended a 3-day conference with my coach and my mastermind group. It was an intensive training designed to push all of us to our next level of growth. Because no matter where we are on the path to creating a livelihood based on our life purpose, we have to keep pushing forward.

It’s interesting how until we take certain steps forward, we can’t see the next level or paths in front of us. We can’t step into our greatness unless we are willing to step past whatever is in the way.

You are going to keep hitting the same wall over and over again until you climb over it.

And you are going to keep hearing that nagging, inner voice from your soul calling you to greatness until you do something about it.

If you’re sitting there listening to this, and you know you have to do something, then ask yourself “if not now, when?”

And then hear this quote from Buddha “the trouble is you think you have time”.

So, I am challenging you today to make your move. Look, I know that building a business can be frustrating.  But you can’t make your life purpose your livelihood without a business strategy.

Many people think that if they just “try harder” they will finally get there. But you can only motivate yourself so far. You must have a mentor, a team and a community to help.

You need connection, you need inspiration and you need help getting things done. You also need someone who has already done it, to lead you.

This subject I’m talking about is vitally important. Don’t even think about what it would be like to reach the end of your life without making your big contribution. It’s not an option!

You are here to do something Great that ONLY YOU can contribute. Are you going to do it or are you going to keep “trying hard” and getting nowhere.

Listen, there are many coaches and coaching programs out there. Some are very expensive some are more affordable. Pick someone and get moving now.

Am I the right coach for you? Maybe or maybe not…but the fact is that if you feel inspired to work with me and build a list of ideal prospects, then go to the and sign up for the 90 Day Easy List Build program. It’s your chance to move ahead with a coach and a technical team.

But if you aren’t sure I can help you, then choose someone else. Either way. Make a move and get on the path to greatness.

One thing I learned last week, is that if I don’t enroll a client in their vision, I am not serving them. If you’re enrolled in your vision, nothing will get in the way of you doing it.

So if I allow you to procrastinate, I am failing you. And this means I am upping my game. I will be more emphatic with you. I don’t want to see you take your greatness to the graveyard.

If you feel uncomfortable, that’s a sign from the universe. Feeling pushed, frustrated or resistant – means you are fighting your own inner voice.

Just saying….

So, Email me and tell me what you need now to succeed.

Or schedule a chat using this link : 

Until next week, I’m sending you lots of Light and Love and a Resounding “Do IT”

Wow, I had another Freedom Shift this week!

Hi, I’m Janet Clark, founder of The Freedom Shift. Today, on the Janet Talks Business TV weekly Blog I’d like to share a moment of letting go that I experienced in meditation this week. But first, let me ask you: Do you sometimes feel like you’re swimming against the current? Because I’ve been feeling a bit “out of sync” with the world lately and it’s been unsettling.

But the universe  has a way of putting distraction in our path so that our soul can find it’s way to live out it’s purpose. When something unsettles me, it’s clear that I must figure out why.

So lately I have been feeling annoyed and frustrated each time I check Facebook. Actually, it’s been making me feel totally exhausted.

The fact is, the majority of my FB friends are entrepreneurs in their 30’s, who are in the early stages of new relationships, new businesses, and parenthood. And Yes, that makes me feel exhausted -  because I have been there and done that. Don’t get me wrong… I loved every busy, working, enthralling minute of it…I loved the challenges and rewards of raising my family, amassing my nest egg, going to school, jet setting around the country for business and pleasure, buying clothes and things, and working out hard. It’s “a rush” to be in the flow of life… building dreams and making them come true. New life is amazing in every aspect of life–family, career, bank account, and health.

But there is a time and there is a season for everything. And while I’m totally associating with this crowd, I’m feeling an energy drain and rightly so! There was a time when my soul longed for adventure and new growth. My purpose was to be a caretaker, a leader, an orchestrator and  the coordinator.

But, today, I am in a different place…and I have  been resisting that for a while. For some reason my mind has been hanging on to the “old version of me”.  But, the truth is, my soul is on a mission and my mind is in the way! Until I let go of “who I was”, I can’t create the opening for new growth experiences.

What about you? Are you holding on to some previous version of yourself? Are you limiting your soul’s potential by allowing yourself to be all caught up in someone else’s dream?

The truth is, where I am now is exactly where my soul wants to be. I get to relax, enjoy the fruits of my labors and give back…I can love what I have achieved and let go of all the stresses that came along with “getting here”. I don’t have to be in charge anymore…and I can let go and see another way to grow in my purpose. WOW, that’s liberating….

So, what does that mean for you if you choose to work with me? Well, I can serve in a different way. Since I no longer have to worry about making a living or saving for my future. I no longer have to put 4 kids through college or pay for braces and weddings. I can truly focus my business on helping more people – in a less complicated or costly way.. This is totally joyful and a new level of Freedom!

And it means I can help you. If you are a younger entrepreneur,  I get it…I know how to channel positive energy and use the laws of the universe to create a livelihood. And more importantly, if you’re where I am, and you want to share your own our unique gifts to follow your own soul’s journey, I can help you.

So my Ah-Ha moment came through meditation and I share this with you – accept where you are right now, let go of the past, tap into the higher purpose of your soul.

For me, I choose to live simply. I choose to live spiritually. I choose to be grateful. I choose to release all judgment about myself and others. I choose to give more than I get. And I am committed to establishing programs that are affordable for anyone who is ready to make their own Freedom Shift, regardless of where they are now.

So I embrace all of life’s stages. I love the high vibrational energy of youth and I am in awe of this new level of spiritual energy that is guiding me.

And I would love to hear from you. Below this video is a link to schedule a time to chat or meet via skype.

Until next week, I’m sending you light an love.


The Day They Killed My Dream

Have you ever been fired? I have…

And let me tell you it felt like someone killed me.

Here’s the story,

I had a very important job working for an up and coming wireless company (no longer in business). It was a big job. I was in responsible for opening 3 retail locations, along with hiring and training the managers and staff. My charge was to select the malls, negotiate the leases, design the stores, manage the build-out, hire the managers & train them.

I loved it! Every minute of it. Except for the nagging pain in my neck – that was my boss.

I was a 40 years old with over 15 years of management experience and used to a lot of autonomy. He was a 29 years old in his first management position, barely out of graduate school.

To say he was a micro-manager would be an understatement.

I did my best to humor him, but mostly I just did my work and tried to impress him with my excellence. I figured he see how awesome I was and leave me alone. After all, no one else could do the job the way I was doing it and I knew I was making him look good.

The stores I was building, the teams I was hiring, and the plans I was making were amazing. I was invested in my work emotionally, physically and mentally – morning, noon, and night!

And then the ax fell on my head. I woke up on a crisp sunny Tuesday morning one  week before Thanksgiving. It was crunch time because the flagship store on exclusive Newberry Street in Boston, was set to open on Black Friday. We were planning a huge gala event there was still a lot to do.

I  jumped into my company car, and drove 40 minutes to my office. As I sped along, I made a series of phone calls, making sure that my team and the contractors were all “on the job” doing their important work.  This upcoming “grand opening” was my baby and I was going to make sure nothing went wrong.

As soon as I arrived at the office, I noticed an eerie feeling…The receptionist at the front desk said “Janet, Daniel (my boss) wants you to meet him in the conference room.”

Have you ever walked into a room, expecting one thing and finding a totally different experience? It’s like a “surprise party”, when you think you’re visiting someone and a whole group jumps up and yells “surprise!”

Yes, that’s what it was like – except that this group, sitting around the conference table, all just looked at me in silence…dead silence!

And then they killed my dream!

I’m not sure who said what. I don’t know what words were spoken. All I know is that a decision was made. I no longer worked for the company…blah, blah, blah!

And in my head a resounding “NO”. This can’t be real. This can’t be happening. This isn’t possible.


I can’t begin to describe the emptiness. But that’s not the point of this story.

What is important is that the universe  throws us curve balls and when it does we go into shock. Everyone experiences this at different times throughout a lifetime.

How does one go on when their dream is shattered? In the big scheme of things, losing a job is nothing, compared with a losing a loved one….

But, in some ways it is a death. For me, it was the death of the “me” that I had created…

Letting go of that identity wasn’t easy.

And it only in hindsight that I truly see that for something new to grow, something had to die. Yes, that dream job had to die in order for me to embark on a new path that led me where I am today. Did I know that then? No and it hurt and it was my first big life crisis.

I now see the part I played in creating that situation – Did “they” do that to me or was there something “in me” that did it? Yes, something was not right and deep inside knew it – I guess you could say that my soul knew it. Together with the universe, we create our reality. And when things are not as they should be, the universe has a way of putting challenges in our life. What this really meant was that I needed to shift gears because my heart & soul were not in alignment with my head that was telling me that something was right for me when it really wasn’t.

The truth is that I went on a different path into a better job where my heart, soul, body and mind were in alignment.

Did that happen easily or smoothly? Not at all. It took me some time to grieve, to feel angry and to blame others. What I know now is that it was a process – and one that I’ve had to go more than once. But as I have become more in tune with my essential self, or soul, I am able to get through these transitions with more faith and hope. Because I can honestly say that there has always been something better on the other side of a broken dream.

If you need a word of encouragement or just someone to listen, I am here. eMail me at or call my cellphone 508 641-1142

Sending you Love & Light. Remember, the universe is unfolding as it should.

See you next week!


The 5 Exact Steps to Make Money

Hi, it’s Janet Clark from the Freedom shift, here with this week’s Janet Talks Business TV Blog.  In the next 3 minutes I am going to tell you the exact 5 steps that will guarantee you make money.  The important thing to know is that these steps have an exact right order and if you’re not making money it’s because you’re doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

So let’s change that to doing the right thing at the right time and you’ll make money.

1. is to Clarify your Mission. This may sound simple but it requires some soul searching and inner work. I know this because until I did some meditating and work with my life purpose coach, I was floundering around. I knew what I was good at, but that wasn’t exactly right. For example, I’m good at business, but my soul’s purpose is to  help people go from Depressed and Broke (or Broken) to Manifesting Miracles for themselves and others. Just approaching this from a business perspective wasn’t working. I had to incorporate teaching metaphysics so that my work fulfilled my purpose, and wasn’t just a business.

2. Attract a list of ideal client. Yes, you must have a list before you start blogging, optimizing your website or creating programs. Most entrepreneurs don’t get this and they spin their wheels creating content that no one reads or programs that don’t sell.

3. Build your brand – And to do this you must get to know your list. Build rapport with them, find out what they want and need. Make sure you know what will resonate with them and then develop your website, blog, newsletter and social strategy.

4. Create Irresistible offers – This is easy once you know your list and you have their trust. If they know, like and trust you, they will want to enroll in your programs or hire you to help them.

5. Monetize – Too often, we won’t invest in our business because we haven’t made any money. It doesn’t work. You must make an investment in steps 1-4 before you can monetize. If you do this right, you will get a great return on investment, which is the key to a lucrative livelihood.

So make sure you follow these steps in the exact right order and you will make money.