Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired (and broke)?

Hi, Welcome to Janet Talks Business TV. Earlier this week, I sent out my Monday morning magazine article and asked you to reply and tell me what’s happening with you. I do a lot of talking and you do the listening and I wanted to shift that around.

So here’s what happened. Some of you wrote and told me about your dreams and your aspirations and your challenges and that was awesome. And I responded with a special “gift” just to give you an incentive to keep moving forward. I love when I get the chance to connect with you personally and I know the value in sharing ideas, hopes and dreams with like-minded people. It’s powerful.

But today I want to address those of you who responded with a “tale of woe”. I want that doom and gloom to dissipate for you. First, I have to admit, that I was overwhelmed and saddened by the how many of you feel hopeless and helpless or sick, tired and broke. Especially since you bothered to reach out which tells me that you do have a ray of hope.

Here’s what I need you to do – and this applies to all of you who sent me these emails and also those who didn’t send one but feel that your situation is impossible. One thing I’ve learned, is that if some of you feel that way – there are many more in the same boat.

1. Get out your pen and paper and write this down. “I Determine What is Possible”.

Now hang that up in a prominent place or better yet, make 10 copies of it and hang them all over your house!

Because it’s time to rewrite your story (and your emails) and it starts with you deciding what you want. It really doesn’t matter whether you know yet how you’ll get it, but you must first believe that it is possible.

I call this being M-Powered with a capital M. All your power comes from your MIND.

I can’t stress this enough. If you are living in the problem, thinking about the problem, talking about the problem, writing about the problem – this has to stop right now, because YOU are the problem. I’m not trying to sound harsh but How you Think Matters.

In fact if you think you are broke, you are broke. If you think you are sick, you are sick. If you think you are a failure, that is the only way you can possibly fail. Because those who succeed, think about success and don’t give mindshare to the things that don’t work out.

But in the same way you can manifest misery, you can manifest success. Think you’re rich? Guess what, you are! Think you’re successful? You will keep succeeding at one thing after another. Think you’re getting healthy? My oh my, you start feeling better every day.

And now, what I’ll ask you to do is sit down and write me an email – yes, you! – and tell me what you want in your life. What is your dream? What is your calling? What are the most important 3 things that you know are possible for you in this lifetime?

Just hit reply to this email or send it to me at You will be amazed at how the universe will start responding once you hit send and put it out there.

And, yes, I will have a surprise gift for you to help you start making those possibilities come true.


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