5 Reasons You are Not Making Money

Hi, It’s Janet Clark here, and this is the weekly blog edition of Janet Talks Business TV. Today I’m going to share the 5 reasons why most entrepreneurs don’t make money.

  1. No Clarity – You have a dream, a passion and purpose but you have no idea how to turn that into a business. Because there is no clarity, there is no action – because let’s face it, you have no idea what you’re supposed to be working on. I talk to people every day who are in some form of busy work – they are making a website, they are working social media, they are writing blogs, they are creating programs – but the fact is that they have no plan, no roadmap and no idea if what they are doing is getting them anywhere. They have no idea who is going to read the blog, look at their website, buy their programs or read their posts.
  2. Indecision – Being in business requires quick decision making. There isn’t time to wait until “things get better”. Things won’t get better without quick action which requires a decision to make a move. If you are still floundering around without a coach, you aren’t moving forward and you won’t make money. Everyone needs a coach – who you choose is your personal decision, but listening to more webinars, looking for more ideas, getting more training, trying it for awhile longer on your own, is why you’re not making money
  3. No Marketing Strategy – Let’ face it – if you’re not getting your message out, you won’t make money. Not to mention that you also won’t be helping the people in the world who need your services and can’t find you. Every business needs a plan. Without a strategy, you have a dream, not a business.
  4. No Team – If you are trying to do everything in your business, you won’t make money. You must find people who can do things for you so that you can do what you should be doing. Your time is money and you must leverage your time. If you should be speaking or teaching or healing – and you’re creating websites, writing emails, doing social media etc. – then you’re not making money
  5. Not Asking for Money – And I don’t mean this in a salesy or pushy way. But if you aren’t talking to people every day about your services, you aren’t showing people how you can help them get what they want, and then asking them to invest in themselves through your program, you’re not making money.

I feel so strongly about helping you with these 5 things, that I am willing to offer you a free session to get you on track with clarity, decision making, strategy, team options and a sales plan. Do yourself a favor and make a plan. You will love making money.

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Sending you Light and Love.

Janet Clark



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